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Congregational Church Trip, 195?

Back Table: Jack Fielden, Mr Hore, Maude Fielden, Mrs Hore, Ernie Dowey, ?? , Bertha Dowey, ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? .

Middle Table: Mrs Arden and Derek (son), ?? , Mrs Robinson,  ?? , Mrs Thompson, Mrs Laws, Lizzie Crooks, ?? , Mrs Bacon, Mrs Bainbridge, ??, ?? , ??.

Front: Bill Brough (partial), Albert Rowland, Rev Maurice Clegg (Minister), Gladys Clegg, Edward Exon, Evelyn Exon, Mrs Rowland(sister in law of:), Mary Rowland.   

Connie Whiteley advised the Archive: ” Maurice Clegg’s daughter looked at this photograph of Congregational Church outing to Hexham and recognises most of those already named! She can add that the name of Mrs Arden’s son is Derek – at least that’s what she thinks. There is a high probability that the unknown lady next to Mary Rowland was her sister-in-law, Mrs Rowland”.

Can anybody assist further?

Many thanks to Connie Whiteley for the update.

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