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Loftus Town Council, 1921

Back row: ??, B. J. Wormleighton (Architect), R. Dyson Nut (Rate Collector, Surveyor & Clerk to Burial Board), Henry Hoggett (Clerk to Council), Mr Thomas Errington (National Provincial Bank Manager), Charles Jardine Dodd,  William Robinson.

Middle row: ??, Dr Donaldson, R. Tyson, R. Stamp, W. T. Park, M. Parkin, C. Hoggett (Solicitor).

Front row: Henry L Munnoch, Zach Stephenson, Father P. Machen, A. Swales (Chairman), Thomas S. Petch, A. MacKenzie. 

Can anybody help with the missing names or even where the photograph was taken?

Image courtesy of Loftus Town Council, thanks also to Alison Atkinson (Clerk Loftus Town Council) for supply of the previously missing names.

2 comments to Loftus Town Council, 1921

  • Thomas Howard Campion

    Zach Stephenson’s son became a teacher at Loftus school and inherited the Nick-name ‘Zach’. His brother lived at Rillington and his nephew Geoffrey was a good friend of mine throughout his life. We went to Malton Grammar School from 1952-9.

  • Raymond (Ray (Wilkinson)

    See also the photograph of Liverton Mines Cliffe Terrace) for mention of Councillor W T Park who, I believe, was chairman of the Council. He was married to one of my great-aunts.

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