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What Shall We Do Today?

The Archive has been loaned a series of images from Richard Noble dating from 1981/2, all taken in or around Skinningrove. Believed to be from a series of images of ’Grove life’ by Chris Killip. We are also told that some of the characters are sadly no longer with us. The names we have to date are (left to right): Brian Magor, Stephen Tooth, Richard Noble, Trevor (Bever) McConnell, Terry (Blackie) Whitney.
Image and names courtesy of family of Richard Noble and thanks to Andrea Foord for the name update.

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  • Andrea Foord

    I think that the young lad on the left of this photo is Brian Magor. I taught at Skinningrove Primary in the 1970’s and again in the 1980’s, as the school was amalagmated with Carlin How Primary, eventually to become Whitecliffe.

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