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Not The World Cup; But!

Taken from an article in the Illustrated weekly dated 12th December 1936; headlined: “Who’ll Play The Old Boys?”, describing one of the oldest football teams in England or possibly the world. “Lingdale Grandfathers” had a combined age of over 1000 years (including the three reserves!); having issued a challenge with Canning Town responding. I wonder if they played Canning Town and who won;  does anyone out there know?
Image from a cutting courtesy of Ruth White.

Just A Youngster

The cutting included this image; with a notation: “Foxy Grange, the other full-back is a lad of 66, known as the handsomest man in the village. Uses his head to good effect.” We hope it wasn’t a wet day those case footballs were very heavy when wet. Michael Grange informed the Archive: “My great grandfather!”
Image courtesy of Ruth White and thanks to Michael Grange for the comment.

1937 Lingdale

Liz Saunders (and goal keeper for the Lingdale Grandfathers) is only 84 years old but still playing football.
Image (from Weekly Illustrated 12th December 1936) courtesy of Ruth White.

Toasting the Skipper

Harry Eaton was the skipper a mere 89 years old. I wonder if any of the world cup players of today will still be playing at 89?  I don’t think smoking and drinking would be allowed today.

Image courtesy of Ruth White.

Miss Carlin How

”This is a photograph of Miss Carlin How from 6th of August 1951. Miss Carlin How was Sylvia Conway. To Sylvia’s left on back row is Keturah  Welford (daughter of Bob Welford the coalman), little girl front left Jennifer Welford (youngest daughter of Bob Welford), next right Kathleen Welford (with glasses, another daughter of Bob Welford), next right back row ??, little girl directly in front Pat Pearson, to her right David Husband and directly behind and between these two Ronnie Gittings. To David’s right front row Alfie Arnold and to his right Brian Husband (David’s twin brother who went to Australia many years ago).” Frank Robson tells us: ”The tall lad on the back row is John Scott.” Richard Stubbs assisted with: “Little girl front left is Jennifer Welford, Bob Welford’s youngest daughter. We have sat laughing about it this afternoon.”

These events like Gala day and Carnival Queen were generally held on the football field, house showing behind the fence to the left could be numbers 13 or 14 Bells Huts where the present day foundry stands.

Image and notes courtesy of Derick Pearson, thanks to Frank Robson for correctly identifying John Scott, also to Richard Stubbs for assistance in naming Jennifer Welford.

A Sunday School Outing

A view of Front Street, Carlin How with pupils from the Carlin How Wesleyan Sunday School on their way to a picnic at Cragg Hall. The chapel was built in 1912, with other buildings being used prior to that date. The two boys near the railings are looking a little miserable, maybe they don’t go to Sunday School but are wishing they did. Now believed to date from c.1909 shows the trip from Carlin How square. The front garden fences are of note, they are narrow zigzag rails.  Neil Suckling tells us: ”I am fairly sure that the man with his right arm on the back of the waggon, flat cap, grey beard; is my great grandfather, Alf Suckling. He was a Primitive Methodist preacher; so it may be a mixed denomination outing?”

Information courtesy of Wiggins and thanks to Neil Suckling for the update.

Congregational Church Trip, 195?

Back Table: Jack Fielden, Mr Hore, Maude Fielden, Mrs Hore, Ernie Dowey, ?? , Bertha Dowey, ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? .

Middle Table: Mrs Arden and Derek (son), ?? , Mrs Robinson,  ?? , Mrs Thompson, Mrs Laws, Lizzie Crooks, ?? , Mrs Bacon, Mrs Bainbridge, ??, ?? , ??.

Front: Bill Brough (partial), Albert Rowland, Rev Maurice Clegg (Minister), Gladys Clegg, Edward Exon, Evelyn Exon, Mrs Rowland(sister in law of:), Mary Rowland.   

Connie Whiteley advised the Archive: ” Maurice Clegg’s daughter looked at this photograph of Congregational Church outing to Hexham and recognises most of those already named! She can add that the name of Mrs Arden’s son is Derek – at least that’s what she thinks. There is a high probability that the unknown lady next to Mary Rowland was her sister-in-law, Mrs Rowland”.

Can anybody assist further?

Many thanks to Connie Whiteley for the update.

Boulby School 1935

Boulby School educated the children from the iron sheeting clad cottages locally known as ”Tin City” Boulby. This is the class of 1935.
Back row: Miss Edna Hardy (teacher), ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??.
Middle Row: ??, ??, ??, ? Thompson, ??, Ray Conn, Lance Easton.
Front Row: ??, Les Dowey, ??, ??, ? Cowland, ??.
Can you help and identify any of the remaining people?
Image courtesy of Ray Conn.

Comical Coons

Not politically correct in the present day, but that is what the caption on the photograph said; can anyone enlighten us to when this was and what was the reason for the fancy dress? A possible answer may be that it is one of the Fisherman’s Association carnival days. Wendy Found tells us: ”This is at the top of Beck Row just before you went under the railway bridge. Don’t know about the fancy dress.” The Archive has been assisted by Keith Bowers, discovering the ‘Comical Coon Company’ often undertook charity events to raise mone for unfortunate people. This detail came from a Whitby Gazette item dated 8th July 1904.

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection and others, many thanks to Wendy Found and Keith Bowers for the updates.


A good catch for the men on Skinningrove beach: William Halton, W. Cox, ??, the young boy was Tom Richards, W. Dart, Whit Hall, Jim Richards,  ??,  Tom Hart and last but not least A. Hart.

Note the fish creel in the right foreground. Does anyone know the date of this photograph?

Pauline Dolling advised the Archive: “William Halton (watchmaker in Loftus – of Halton’s Jewellers shop) was born in 1869. His younger brother Arthur Halton was my grand father, who worked at Loftus Railway station.”
If it is the same William Halton, then it could be between 1900/10 when he would be 30-40. However his own father was also a William Halton born in 1837. As William Dart was born about 1890, the Archive thinks Pauline’s estimation of the date will be about right. Eric Trembath has asked: “Was W Dart related to my granddad Elijah Bogey Dart? They have a resemblance to each other?”

Image courtesy of Pauline Dolling and the Pem Holliday Collection, thanks to Pauline Dolling for the additional information; also to Eric Trembath for his enquiry.