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This view of the top of Brotton is radically different today, coming from a collection of postcards dating from early in the last century. The terrace beyond the chapel have gone now, although Chapel Street is still there; the gable end of the old Cottage Hospital can be seen at the end of the terrace.  This card was posted on 28th December, 1908, to Loftus and is another of the ’Phoenix Series’ produced by Brittain & Wright of Stockton.

Image courtesy of Beryl Morris and John G. Hannah.

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  • My Aunt and Uncle Nancy and Stan Dunn had a shoe shop at the end of this street in the late 1950s/early 1960’s, just about where the horse and cart is.
    Stan had a cobblers which is mentioned in a picture featuring the Green Tree Hotel which can also be found on this website.

  • Ian Hindmarch

    I remember the Cobblers shop ,lived in Brotton 1944 -1962, and the shoe shop which was in the same terrace as the Snowden’s Newsagent /post office for the ‘top end ‘ of Brotton.

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