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Scouts’ Party

This photograph of the Liverton Mines and Loftus Scout Troops was taken at the same party as the other three photographs that are already on site.  Bob Goldby the Assistant Scout Master, is sitting with the boys, but we haven’t any of the boys’ names.  Sixth from left on back row has been identified as Barry Emerson. Alan Walker advises: ”Possible names: Second from left Graham Nellist, fourth from left David Bateman, seventh from left Michael Bateman.”

Can anybody assist with other names?

Image courtesy of Joe Ward, thanks to Janet Lingard (nee Thompson) and Alan Walker for the updates.

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  • Danny .Plews

    I am in some way responsible for the formation of the Group.
    I joined Carlin How Boy Scouts and; then I got Mike Matthews to join,
    then several others joined in.
    After a while there was more Liverton Mines boys than from the Carlin Howe area, hence the formation of Liverton Mines Scout Troop.
    We had some laughs and; a very good time whilst being a member.

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