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Loftus County Modern School (1964 – 3rd Year)

Back row: Lee Guy, John Patton, Michael Lindsley, Gordon Wilson, Christopher Colbeck, David Dixon, Paul Harrison, Alan Sykes, Stephen Partlett, Geoffrey Robinson, David Hampton.

Middle row: Barbara Porter, Hazel Johnson, Jackie Verril, Kathleen Walker, Gordon Teesdale, Alan Thompson, Adrian Taylor, Janet Mead, Anna Jackson, Gillian Wicks, Sheila Wilson, Linda Hemmingway.

Front row: Barbara Andre, Norma Dower, Elaine Hetherington, Janice Hudson, Pamela Rice, Mr Colin Barwick (Teacher), Alison Harker, Dilys Yardy, Margaret Ford, Barbara Graham, Maureen Longster.

4 comments to Loftus County Modern School (1964 – 3rd Year)

  • Amy Parkes

    My Nanna (Janice Hudson) is on here – would be great to find out what happened to some of her friends. I know she was close with Kathleen Walker.

  • Ann Jackson

    Hi Amy this was my class at school and I remember Janice . We went to London to the Hockey Match at Wembley with Mrs Weatherhead the P.E.teacher and other girls. I stayed at your great grandmas house the night before as I lived at Moorsholm and couldn’t get to Loftus for the early start. Happy memories. Hope Janice is well.

  • margaret atkinson

    Hi Ann, I went to London as well to the hockey match; we must of been there together. Remember a stupid lass behind me ringing a school bell, I told her to pack it; like you do. Mind she did stop.

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