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Saltburn Station

Another memory jogging photograph of when the train could pull right up to the Zetland Hotel in Saltburn. Russ Pigott advises: “Interesting picture, must be about 1956/7, the train which was to become a Class 101 in later year does not yet have the ‘speed whisker’ applied to the front and also the platform canopy had yet to be extended in concrete towards Redcar. Interesting to compare this to the 1980s picture I submitted (Class 101 DMU Saltburn) as the shop visible in the corner hardly seems to have changed, and although the train is the same type the platform in in this picture had been out of use since 1970

Image courtesy of Mike Holliday, thanks to Russ Pigott for the dating and update.

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  • Nigel Anderson

    I used to catch trains like this about this time (1956/57) after I had got footballers autographs at the Zetland or Alexandra hotels. Then to Middlesbrough to watch the game!!

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