Saltburn – Postcard Views

First of a series of postcard views of Saltburn, showing a view of Old Saltburn cottages, beside the Ship Inn and a view down the lower section of Hazelgrove from the bandstand now no longer in existence. Callum Duff tells us: ”The pillars that used to support the roof of the Hazelgrove bandstand were salvaged and now hold hanging baskets along one side of the Italian Gardens.” Tom Metcalfe remembers: “I lived in Saltburn up to 1962, when I joined the Royal Engineers. During my early years I had lived with my grand parents in the gardener cottage in the Valley Gardens and then 26 Montrose Street.”

Many thanks to Callum Duff for the update and Tom Morgan for the memories.

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  • Peter Appleton

    The photo of the cottages to the east of the Ship Inn triggered a question in my mind. When were they built? Which led on to: when was the Ship Inn built? Does anyone have any ideas on either answer?

    If the accepted stories about John Andrew, the smuggler, are true, he arrived in Saltburn in the early 1780s. The Ship Inn, at least, must have been standing then. But what about those other cottages?

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