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Staithes Viaduct

Staithes Viaduct, with a local commuter train, powered by a British Railways “Standard” tank engine.  This photograph was probably taken towards the end of the line’s existence, a two carriage train indicating the decline of rail traffic as increased fares and better road links caused migration away from the railways. Simon Chapman advised the Archive: “All that remains now are the concrete piers that supported the steelwork. In view is the stone abutment which supported the west end. The east end abutment, also of stone, was demolished.”

Image courtesy of Maurice Grayson and the David Liddle Collection, thanks again to Simon Chapman for the last piece of information

3 comments to Staithes Viaduct

  • Nigel Anderson

    Has anyone any idea of the date of this pic please?

  • I think it was the winter timetable 1959. going by the loco and size of train

  • Terry Robinson

    It is likely the photograph was taken between 1955 and 1957, the standard tank locos 80116-80120 which ran on the Loftus – Whitby line were built in 1955 and this loco has the early BR emblem which was replaced in 1957 by the later lion holding wheel type. The last passenger trains ran on 3rd May 1958 with the line being officially closed 5th May 1958.

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