Whitby Road

Another shop in East Loftus this time on Whitby Road, this photograph is dated 1907 and although I do not remember these people I do remember Ogden’s having this shop in the 1940’s and then I think Blaylock’s took it over. Do you remember it?

Joan Gray advises: “I’m Joan Gray (daughter of Doris and Jack Gray) and as a child I lived in Tweed Street. I remember the shop and Bill and Mary Blaylock and their son Tony. I used to call them auntie and uncle, although I’m not sure if we were actually related. We moved away from Loftus in 1963 but I know my mum kept in touch with them by letter. I believe they retired to Marske. Whilst writing, my parents and relatives have passed on, so if anyone can please provide any photographs or information it would be greatly appreciated. Mum was Doris Emily Foster and dad was John William (known as Jack) Gray. Dad was originally from Skinningrove.” anticipation.

Image courtesy of Mrs Pauline Ovington, thanks to Joan Gray for the update.

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