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Lawrence D. Todd in Paignton (June 1948)

Do you remember the picture of the little boy on the cart in an earlier post? This is him all grown up! I’ll let Norman Patton tell the story in his own words:
”This is a ”Holiday Snap” of Lawrence and Mary Todd. It was taken in Paignton in 1948! After their marriage they lived in Richard Street; then William Street, North Skelton, before moving to a new bungalow, Auld Reekie, in Saltburn Lane. Lawrence worked at North Skelton Mine throughout his working life until it closed. (I think in the 50’s). He became the Check Weigh man, which I think is synonymous with being the local Union Representative? Later in his life he took an active interest in local politics and was an elected councillor. Lawrence died in 1957 and his wife in 1967 aged 65 and 71 respectively.”

Yes, I know Paignton is nowhere near Loftus – but North Skelton is!  Anyway I like the angle Norman is taking with these photographs – keep watching!

Image and information courtesy of Norman Patton.

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