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Snow Scene at Liverton Mines

This is a snow scene that rivals the Matterhorn views so beloved of ski holiday advertisements except that these are the shale tips of Liverton Mines!  The strange structure in front of them is the massive foundations for a pylon of the aerial ropeway that caused the huge cone in the background.  I seem to remember a fatality here involving a cycle or a motor cycle which instigated the removal of this well-known landmark?

Image courtesy of Ken Loughran.

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  • Mick dorgan

    I spent all my childhood around the shale tips, the white block as we knew it had a rebate in the concrete on top which we covered and made dens in, I am not sure about the date but around 1985 I think the block was removed as part of the landscaping of the shale tip. The highest point of the shale we called the ariel and was a challenge on a honda c50 in my teenage years.

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