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Boosbeck School

Based upon the notation when receiving this image the Archive believed this to be an aerial view of Margrove Park School, possibly taken in the 1950’s. Better known now as the Margrove Heritage Centre for Tees Valley Wildlife Trust. However following Alan Davies comments and confirmation from Neil Readman there is now no doubt that the Archive was mislead.

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection, thanks to Allan Davies and Neil Readman for the updates.

5 comments to Boosbeck School

  • Alan Davies

    Definitely 1960’s if not earlier,I don’t recall the fields opposite the School being like that in 1959/60 or after

  • Alan Davies

    I think actually this is Boosbeck School

  • neil

    This is definitely not Margrove Park school & as Alan says its Boosbeck

  • Geoff

    Does anyone have any other info/pictures of the old school? Like when it opened/closed etc?

  • Steve Black

    From Steve Black.
    I went to this school in Boosbeck from 1962 until 1968 & then went to Brotton County Modern School witch was renamed Warsett School. when I went there they had two play grounds with a wall between them 1 for boys & 1 for girls, the Head Master was Mr Reid he lived on Saltburn Lane, Skelton, I lived at 50, Gerrie St, Boosbeck, all the old streets are knocked down now at Boosbeck. My school mates were Michal (Popeye) Garland, Paul (Rock head) Jackson, Stan Jones, Brian crooks, Steve Brown, Fred Oakley, Ian Evens, Eric Fausett, Steve Skidmore.

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