Ex-Skinningrove Works Men 1963

Skinningrove Works Pensioners on a sight-seeing tour of the new Sentinel locomotives in 1963; the Archive didn’t know whether they were retired loco men though. Derick Pearson seems to remember the colour scheme was a rather dark; possibly racing green.

Assembled in front of the Sentinel locomotive (left to right): ??, ??, ??, ??, Eric Hatfield (from Brotton), Sam Thackery, Frank Simonds, ??, ??, ??, ??, Mr J Husband.

Jason Thornton-Saunby advised: ”My dad; Philip Saunby says that seventh from the left is Frank Simonds and the group are all ex-loco men. He confirms that the loco colours were indeed racing green.” Whilst Terry Robinson adds this update: The photograph was taken in July 1963 outside the new loco shed when the Sentinel locos arrived at Skinningrove, nine locos in one train coming direct from the Sentinel factory in Shrewsbury. The tenth loco (no 3) was already on the works for crew training.”

Thanks to Derick Pearson, Philip Saunby, Terry Robinson, Alan Pearson  and A. N. Andre for the update and names.

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