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Kilton Mine – Lingdale Junction

Taken about 1957 of a loaded train from Kilton Mine approaching Lingdale Junction; the Lingdale Mines branch is the one curving to the right and was extremely steep. Simon Chapman told us: “Look carefully at the train and you’ll see the brake van is behind the engine, not at the back of the train. This was allowed in later years because the gradient was down all the way to Brotton, where the engine ran round to reverse the train before taking it to Tees-side. In place of the brake van at the end of the train a lamp or red flag was hung on the back of the last wagon to show to signalmen at Kiltonthorpe Junction and Brotton that the train was complete i.e. a wagon hadn’t been derailed and lost on the way.” Also of interest is the shale spoil ‘hill’ on the left of the image; this is now one of the few remaining hills of excavated spoil from the ironstone mines of East Cleveland; South Skelton being another such reminder.

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection and many thanks to Simon Chapman and Peter Appleton for the updates.

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