Kilton House – Brotton Senior School (Boys) – 1950

Brotton Senior School (Boys) Kilton House in 1950 (remember how the old senior schools were divided into houses?) pictured in front of the older and smaller building which housed the school. Long before the school moved down to the site now known as Freeborough Academy – previously Brotton County Modern, then Warsett – and then Brotton Base of Freeborough Community College. Julie Riddiough tells us: ”My grandad is in this picture: middle row centre behind the boy with the sign.” David Manship tells us: “I am on front row,second from right”.

Are you in this picture, please tell us?

Image kindly loaned by Trevor Metcalfe – he is in the photograph – anybody else out there? Also thanks to Julie Riddiough and David Manship for the updates.

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