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1976 Loftus Junior Staff

The staff of 1976 are: Mr. T. Sayers, Mr.G. Colam, Mr. A. Forster, Mr. W. Stewart, Mr. J. Money.

Seated: Mrs. B. Addison, Mrs. M. Bennett, Mr. Beedle, Mrs. M. Toulson, Mrs. T. Wall, Mrs. K. Himsworth.
Image courtesy of Marian Toulson.

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  • John Cox

    I noticed Mr Beedle here. He was my form Teacher in my final year at Belmont County Primary School in 1973. He was well respected and liked by everyone. I personally never forgot his kindness, his warmth and humour and his firm but fair treatment of the students. He always had time for people, and treated us as human beings. He was a lovely man.
    I think perhaps prior to Belmont he was at Loftus. He was/is a Boro fan and teased me about my support for Manchester United. He also introduced us all to “Asterix The Gaul” which I still love to read!
    I often wonder where he is now.
    If he still around please give him my regards
    John Cox (year 6) 1974.

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