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Carlin How School 1950

Happily assembled in the yard for the annual class photograph.

Back row: Bobby Welford Derek Magor, John Pearson, Rob Padgett, Harry Irving, Colin Cook, Dennis Myers, John Smith.

Middle row: Malcolm Taylor, John Scott, Jimmy Hough, Albert Breckon, Ernie Goldby, Nancy Goldby, Keturah Welford, Barry Auckland, Peter Crossman, Arthur Groves, Brian Atkinson, Ronnie Batchelor.

Front row: Janet Easton, Ann Rawson, Barbara Ward, Hillary Moody, Pam Cole, Ann Tyreman, Sylvia Young, Pauline Evans, Barbara Hall, Hillary Brown, Ann Wilson.

Image and names courtesy of Barry Auckland. 

2 comments to Carlin How School 1950

  • Norman Jackson

    Hello from Western Australia,

    Looking at the picture of East Cleveland Class I am encouraged to asked for some assistance regarding my years at Primary schooling when I lived in Port Mulgrave. The only person who would have been able to give me this info is no longer of this world.
    I can remember attending school during the latter part of the 1940’s. My mother, younger brother and I left Port Mulgrave where we lived with my grandparents (Father’s side)to go back to Mauritius. Anyone with some info as how to how I can obtain this info please let me know. My full name is Alan Norman Jackson but went by the my middle name Norman.

    Many thanks.

  • Brian


    Did you know Ernie Goldby well?

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