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Loftus Senior School (Wartime Staff)

The caption on the reverse of this photograph bears the legend ”Wartime staff and two junior staff) hence the (J).

Back Row: Mrs Halketh, Mr Harrison, Miss K Featherstone, Mrs Readman (J).

Front Row: Mr Gornall, Mr Davy, Mr Harold Norminton, Mrs Hope (J), Miss Johnson (later Mrs Best).

Following original posting of this image a query arose from Mike Hopper regarding: “Norminton’s sweet shop down Station Road”. Barbara McBurney told us: “Mr Harold Norminton was Headmaster at Loftus County Modern School, but there was a sweet shop down Station Road called Norminton’s years ago, I think it is possible that Mr Norminton’s wife used to run it, I think the shop was also owned at one time by a lady called Muriel Cox.”

Image courtesy of Loftus Library, also thanks to Mike Hopper and Barbara McBurney for updates.

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