This is Clay Lane!

That big silo-type unit looks so familiar – it should do – it stood behind the left-most furnace of the three at Clay Lane steel works.

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection and thanks to Eric Johnson for confirmation of the location.


2 comments to This is Clay Lane!

  • The “Big Silo” was actually Clay lane Blast furnace gasholder. Unlike the local town gasholders which used a water seal, this one was “waterless” holder. Inside was piston which rose and fell depending on how much BF gas was being stored. All three furnaces supplied the gas, and the gas was then used by the furnace hot blast stoves. What remained was piped around the works to feed boilers in the power/blower stations and various other services. Just behind, on the other side of the railway was a similar, but smaller gasholder, which stored Coke oven gas from South Bank coke ovens. The Ironworks preferred this type of holder, the two at Redcar works are the same design.

  • Bryan Young

    Whilst doing apprenticeship at Cleveland works ,one shut down on the blast

    We had to replace rollers on the piston.

    The piston was at its lowest,entry was via a mandoor.

    Also of interest was a “tardis” like lift ,hung above the piston.

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