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Upleatham Mine Visitors

This has to be either bizarre or this group were the owners and their families!  Who would visit an iron ore mine in walking out clothes!  All the same a very good image of the travelling drift at Upleatham, we are unsure as to why the tub would be on its side though! Paul Anderson tells us: ”The people to the far right are my great, great, great grand parents John (Jack) and Jane Pinchin of 86 Dale Street, New Marske. The photograph is circa 1915-1920. They came up from Manningford, Wiltshire in 1881 looking for work and had 12 children. There are still members of the Pinchin family in New Marske today. ”

Image courtesy of Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum and thanks to Paul Anderson for that update.

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  • Steve Pratt

    According to the information we have (Jane and John were my great-great grand parents)

    From left to right – Jane Pinchin, Edgar ? (husband of Lillian), Lillian ? (Pinchin), Tom Pinchin – holding horse, ? – leaning on wagon, John Pinchin, Mary Pinchin.

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