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North Skelton

This view of Vaughan Street, North Skelton dates from about 1906; it is from a used postcard bearing that date. The original village hall is today replaced by a more modern building, whilst “Smarts Stores” is now the location of ‘Curly Tops’ hairdressing salon. However I would not suggest trying to stand with a wheelbarrow in the middle of the street today; traffic is more prolific and moves at a faster pace that then.

Image courtesy of The Pem Holliday Collection and Derick Pearson.


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  • Judy Last

    My grandparents Albert and Emma Tuck, ran Tuck & Thompson’s Grocers/Drapers (later Smart’s Stores) at 27 Vaughan Street and was my grandfather was postmaster from about 1895 or before until 1901. My father, Alexander Tuck, was born above the shop in 1897. I know that my gt.grandparents, Edwin and Grace Tuck had a Grocer’s shop in Boosbeck by 1877 and had connections with North Skelton as well, so they may have owned the shop in Vaughan Street

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