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Flooding at Carlin How November 2012


In 1957 a similar view was evident in Carlin How (it is on site) when Brotton Road filled with water from melting snow, this image from 26th November 2012 proves that nature can still disrupt life and travel in East Cleveland. I think the gentleman might be getting wet feet?Originally posted as being 2003, however that was incorrect; as Ness Clarke pointed out!

Image courtesy of Ray Brown and thanks to Ness Clarke for pointing out the error and thanks to Ray Brown for the correction.

2 comments to Flooding at Carlin How November 2012

  • Ness Clarke

    This was a lot later that 2003. The bus in the third picture is about 2010 service x4. I think this was about 2013 possibly.

  • Ray Brown

    Ness isn’t quite right… it wa the 26th of November 2012 at 12:28 pm to be procise. Was the date a typo? I hadn’t noticed this previously.

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