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Loftus – Zetland Road

Loftus - Zetland Road

Frederick W. Bothroyd – Watchmaker and Jeweller – 5 Zetland Road, Loftus is listed in the 1901 Census, but not in 1891. Jayne tells us: ”The image is of Frederick William Bothroyd standing proudly in his shop. His brother Herbert Bothroyd shared the premises and operated a cycle shop, hence the tires in the front window. F.W. Bothroyd set up his watchmaking/jewellery business at Loftus in c1890 on the High Street. He moved premises to Zetland Road by 1894, first at 27 Zetland Road and then at 5 Zetland Road until 1914.” This image possibly dates from the mid 1890’s. This is based upon records which indicate he married in 1892 and by 1901 had three children, the eldest being Richard 6 years of age. The site is now occupied by a cafe and amusement arcade. Interesting that the next door way to the right of the image leads to ”refreshment rooms”.

Image courtesy of Loftus Town Council and many thanks to Jayne for the update.

Warsett School – 1996

Warsett School - 1996

An ongoing little quiz,can you help? We have the date , but no idea of the class or members.

Back row: Gemma Brooks, Lisa Booker, Carol Clark,Gemma Kitchener, Donna Burgess, Kirsty Gribbin, Amy Crawford, Vicky Cooke, Gemma Cook.

Middle row: Matthew Storr, Gary Scott, Aaron Emptage, Nicky Johnson, Steven Hugill, Andrew Hutchinson, Michael Guinnet, Richard Ramsay, William ?, Michael McPhillips.

Front row: Nicky Whitehead, Helen Bradley, Terri Sawdon, Megan Lofthouse, Mrs Clarke (teacher), Sarah Cuthbert, Sonia Johnson, Laura Ash, Mark Smith.

Image courtesy of Lee Archer, as well as update and thanks to Melissa Ellis, Claire Harker, Doona Burge and Helen Bradley for the updates.

Views of Loftus

Views of Loftus

A different collection of images of Loftus on a postcard. Image courtesy of Ken Johnson.

Drying the Washing at Runswick Bay

A postcard view of the ‘drying green’ at Runswick Bay, note the variety of paths and roadways affording access to ‘Bank Top’. Obviously pre the motor vehicle and probably a bit of a pull for even a horse and cart.

Image courtesy of Maurice Grayson.

Loftus Market Place – c.1985

Loftus Market Place - c.1985

A lovely view of Loftus Market Place,taken by Rita Unthank in the mid 1980’s. We are advised by Steven Steyert: ”I would say the photo is not as early as the 60′s and is more mid 80′s , The white mk3 escort van parked was only built from 1980 – 1986”.  How peaceful it looks. Image courtesy of Rita Unthank and thanks to Steven Steyert for the update.

Chalets and Huntcliffe – Saltburn

Hazel Grove Chalets

This tinted post card view of the lower promenade at Saltburn, viewed from above the Hazelgrove access.
Image courtesy of Ken Johnson and Iris Place.

North Skelton Postcard

This tinted postcard of views of North Skelton, dated 1910 proves how proud residents were of their communities. The view of the mine complimented by the railway station, with Bolckow Street and Vaughan Street being named after the owners of the mine. Judy Last tells us: ” The lower right picture of Vaughan Street shows my grandfather’s shop. He was Postmaster in the family’s General Stores, and later went into business with his brother-in-law calling the business Tuck & Thompson. The address was 27 Vaughan Street, and my father was born there in 1897. Not sure when they left the property but they had moved by 1911.”

Image courtesy of Ken Johnson and thanks to Judy Last for that update.



A tinted postcard view of Ellerby by Tom Watson of Lythe, showing the buildings which are now known as the Ellerby Hotel.
Image courtesy of Ken Johnson.

Dale House

Dale House

A delightful view of the Fox and Hounds at Dalehouse. Simon Chapman advises us with regards to dating: ”Note in the background to the left – the bridge which carried the railway from Port Mulgrave to Grinkle Mine – At this point it crossed both the road and Easington Beck. The mine was abandoned in 1934 so the picture was probably taken before that date.”
Image courtesy of Janet Grey and thanks to Simon Chapman for the dating information.

High Street again

High Street again

A view, produced by J.W. Neal of 79 High Street Skelton; also from about 1890 viewing towards the Methodist Chapel at the bottom of Green Road (Skelton Green bank to those who were familiar with Skelton).
Image courtesy of Peter Appleton and Janet Grey.