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Scouts’ Party

Scouts' Party

This photograph of the Liverton Mines and Loftus Scouts was taken at the same party as the other three photos that are already on site.  Bob Goldby, Assistant Scout Master, is sitting with the boys, but we haven’t any of the boys’ names.  Sixth from left on back row has been identified as Barry Emerson. Alan Walker advises: ”Possible names: Second from left Graham Nellist, fourth from left David Bateman, seventh from left Michael Bateman.”

Can anybody assist with other names?

Thanks to Joe Ward for the photograph also Janet Lingard (nee Thompson) and Alan Walker for the updates.

St Joseph’s, 1946

St Joseph's, 1946

Miss Walker with her class in 1946.

Back row, l-r: Joe Ward, ??, Fred Miller, Tony Jackson, Colin Raspinson

2nd row, l-r: Mike Baldwin, Michael Smith?, Frank Miller, Freda Dunn, Maureen Dunn, Ray Howe, Joe Cush, Ray Moon

3rd row, l-r: M.Moon, ??, Sheila Atkinson, K. Sanderson, C.Martin, Margaret Roe, ??, S.Readman

Front: A.Wood, J.Tyreman, I.Purver

Thanks to Joe Ward for the photograph and information, also John Malone for the update.

St Joseph's Relay Team, 1953

St Joseph's Relay Team, 1953

The relay team, l-r: Tony Jackson, Tony Raspison, Alan Lightfoot and Joe Ward, are pictured with the Area Shield that they won.

Thanks to Joe Ward for the photo and information.

St Joseph's Football Team, 1953

St Joseph's Football Team, 1953

Back row, l-r:   Joe Tyreman, Eric Starsmore, Bernard Welford, Eric Jackson, Joe Cush, Alan Lightfoot, Keith Lantsbury

Front row,l-r:   Willie Walker, Tony Raspison, Tony Jackson, Joe Ward, Tony Walker,

Teacher:  Joe Faye

Thanks to Joe Ward for the photograph and information.

St Joseph’s, 1953

St Joseph's, 1953

The boys of St. Joseph’s school outside the new canteen in Deepdale Road.  The school used to take the senior pupils as well as juniors and infants.

Back row, l-r:  Alan Wood, Richard Dunn, Tony Laverick, Alan Lightfoot, Raymond Moon, Joe Cush, Ian Welford, Joe Harrison, Keith Lansbury, Eric Starsmore, Edgar Fletcher, Mr Joe Faye (Teacher) who later taught at Sacred Heart School, Redcar.

Middle row, l-r:  E.Jackson, E.Tose, B.Welford, ??, Michael Howe, R.Howe, T.Jackson, Joe Ward, W.Walker, John Foster, Leo Bowman, T.Walker, I.Bowman

Front row, l-r:  Frank Robson, G.Graves, David Nicholson, T.Harrison, T.Raspison, J.Tyreman, ?.Walker, J.Welford, D.Raspison, Graham Marlow.

Thanks to Joe Ward for the photograph, Pauline Laverick(Foster) and Frank Robson for information.

Site Picture

Site Picture

This I found very useful as if you like me had looked at various aerial photo’s of the steel works and wondered which part was which. Well wonder no more this photo tells all.

Working Plan

Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum provided this plan of the workings of Boulby Ironstone Mine, but as Simon Chapman points out: ”If you read the small print at the bottom you will see that this is a plan of the workings of Boulby Mine. Grinkle Mine was to the south and much more extensive.”

Image courtesy of Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum and thanks to Simon Chapman for the correcting update.



As the caption says Rosedale Mineral Railway 1860-1926, what more can I say?
(photo courtesy of Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum)

Bloworth Crossing

Bloworth Crossing

The locomotive is an “p” class North Eastern Railway engine. built at Gateshead. the tender has L.N.E.R. painted on, so photo is after 1923. Bloworth crossing is near Ingelby Incline (Battersby to Rosedale mineral line).  Eric Johnson

(photo courtesy of Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum)

Blakey Station

Blakey Station

A rather cold and lonely spot where was Blakey station?

Russ Pigott tells us: ”Blakey station was near where the Farndale road turns off the ‘Blakey Road’ There is still the wall of one side of the bridge which took the road over the railway. The ‘station’ was the junction where the Rosedale East and West Branches seperated. Nothing now remains of the buildings on the site.”

Thank you for that Russ I was hoping no one would say Blakey or wrists would have had to have been smacked!
(photo courtesy of Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum, thanks to Russ Pigott for the update.)