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Flower Girls

Margrove Park School. The four girls proudly display the wild flowers they have collected. We asked: ”Please tell us the girl’s names and date of photograph?” Janice Wilson (nee Kipling) and Marian Smith (nee Holmes) tell us: ”Barbara Pickering, Shirley Jones, Doreen Freeman and Christine Oliver.”
Image courtesy Howard Wilson and many thanks to Janice Wilson and Marian Smith for these updates.

Scottish Country Dance Team

Margrove Park School, Scottish Country Dance Team.
Back row: Alan Newton, Brian Rix, Jean Boyes, Marian Rix.
Front row: Janice Kipling, Shirley Jones, Audrey Kirby (Teacher, Christine Oliver, Margaret Wardle. Were the team entered in a folk tournament ? Again we ask for information of the occasion and year. Image courtesy of Howard Wilson.

Lego Set

Margrove Park School; we had some names but Alan Davies and Marian Holmes completed the list; we also had no date so Alan Davies suggests: ”Date of 1956/57.”
Back: Michael Leng, David Moorhouse, Michael Moorhouse.

Front: John Peary, Stuart Porritt.

Image courtesy of Howard Wilson; also thanks to Alan Davies and Marian Smith (Holmes) for the updates.

Boosbeck School

Based upon the notation when receiving this image the Archive believed this to be an aerial view of Margrove Park School, possibly taken in the 1950’s. Better known now as the Margrove Heritage Centre for Tees Valley Wildlife Trust. However following Alan Davies comments and confirmation from Neil Readman there is now no doubt that the Archive was mislead.

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection, thanks to Allan Davies and Neil Readman for the updates.

Lingdale Lads – 1946

Lingdale school football team to be precise, but in later life some famed players on it: standing at the back; Mr Bowman (Headmaster) and Mr Gardiner (Sports Master).
Back row: Dennis Bint, Gordon Hood, Barnes Wiley, George (Sooty) Thorpe, Gordon Swinbourne, Keith Sanderson.
Front row: Roy Winter, Robert Dadd, Bobby Smith, Derek Stonehouse, Frank Smith, Wilks, Joe Bean.
Derek Stonehouse played for Middlesbrough as a professional; Bobby Smith played for Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur and for England many times. Frank Smith also played professionally with Leeds United.
Image and information courtesy of a compilation by Derick Pearson, thanks to Tony, Paul Clarke, Clare Cane and George Hutchinson for the updates.

Lingdale School Football Team 1954

Lingdale School football team 1954 – 55.
Back row: Mr Alan Garner, Peter Ruttley, Allan Burrow, Sydney Bean, Thomas Swinburne, Gerald Brown, Mr H. Rickaby.
Front row: Gordon Harris, Paddy Long, Keith Smith, John Green (Green’s D.I.Y), Clyde Sunley.

Image and names courtesy of Derick Pearson.

Lingdale School Football Team

Lingdale School football team 1952-53.
Back row: Mr A Sowerby, Clyde Sunley, Terence Lowe, Billy Agar, Allan Burrow, John Green (Green’s D.I.Y), Maurice Grayson, Mr H. Rickaby.
Front row: Philip Grange, Peter Ruttley, Gerald Brown, Thomas Swinburne, Gordon Harris.

Image and names courtesy of Derick Pearson.

Lingdale School

This postcard image of Lingdale School dates from c.1900; we were unsure of the location. Bill Danby advised: “I am told by my brother-in-law, Frank Holmes, who went to the school that it was situated on the corner of Davison Street and Cockburn Street, Lingdale. Cockburn Street is the one going off to the right of the photograph. Fred Brown tells us: “Yep! That’s where it was. The pupils hanging out of the window are in the classroom where I “studied” under Mrs Casson in about 1949. She introduced me to ‘Wind in the Willows. The infants school was across the road on the other side of Davison Street. Mrs Collett ran the infants school and Mr Rickaby was head of the main school. The part sticking out at the extreme left was the gym in my time.”

Image courtesy of Owen Rooks, thanks to Bill Danby for the location information on this fine building and Fred Brown for the confirmation.

Lingdale School 1940

Originally appearing as a newspaper cutting entitled “Wall Gang”, and originally supplied to the ‘Evening Gazette’ by George Chisholm of Lingdale. Despite cropping of the picture and some people almost missing, as well as names; the Archive felt it was worth displaying.

Back row: M. White, L. Ash, J. Atkinson, H. walker, Ruben Hood, K. Robinson, G. young, E. Sanderson, J. Butcher, B. Scollett, J. Wilson.

Middle row: D. Whiley, ??, Reg Simons, Thomas Wright, Charlie Bean, Lol Curnow, Fred Winter, J. Snaith, E. Jackson.

Front row: A. Thompson, L. Sayers, E. Nicholas, ? Welburn, M. Cook, G. Cuthbert, D. Night, Edwin Hood, Eva Cubley, George Stonehouse, R. Husband, T. Dalton.

Derick Pearson has advised that the photograph may date from 1939. Whilst Carol has suggested: “Could one possibly be my grandad Edwin Hood?”

Okay there are some names missing from this photograph, were you there, can you supply them please?

Image courtesy of Mike Holliday and thanks to Derick Pearson and Carol for the updates.