Hutton Hall

This Phoenix Series postcard believed to date from 1900 shows a view of the Hall in Hutton village; well hidden even today by the woods below Highcliffe. Designed by Alfred Waterhouse this Gothic revival building was built in 1866 for Joseph Pease.
Image courtesy of Kim Whalley.

Hutton Village

Hutton Village

Hutton Village was known from1871 as Thomas Town, but the name was changed in 1880 after Joseph Pease planted many trees to beautify the area. He also built for the children of his estate workers and a mission as a place of worship. This image now known to be a Phoenix series postcard dating from the early 1900s and beautifully hand tinted has come to us twice, obviously a well liked view of the village close to Guisborough.

Image courtesy of Keith Bowers and Kim Whalley.