Bank Top Shop

Bank Top Shop

The 1927 landslip at the top of Loftus bank destroyed Magor’s house and shop. They moved over the road and had a wooden shop built in the gap between Valley Avenue and the two semi-detached houses. Richard Magor who owned the original shop died in 1958 at 1 Queen’s Road Loftus, having previously lived in Carlin How.
Mr. Jack Roberts bought the premises and started in business in 1950. He also traded with a horse and cart, before getting a van. He later traded from another shop in 25 New Company Row in Skinningrove, formerly Hart’s shop. The Skinningrove shop was originally owned by John and Alwynne Jefferson (parents of Barbara McBurney) who sold the shop to Harts.
This picture shows John on Laddie’s back, with his father standing beside the cart, at the top of Loftus Bank.

David Archer tells us: “Richard Magor who owned the shop that was destroyed by the landslide was my Great Grandfather who died while living at No. 1 Queens Road Loftus in 1958 he had previously lived in Carlin How.”

Barbara McBurney tells us: “The shop Jack Roberts owned at 25 New Company Row in Skinningrove, was where I lived when I was born, it was called Jeffersons, we moved to Loftus when my brother was born as there were only two bedrooms in the shop but kept the shop for a number of more years, my mother and father, John and Alwynne Jefferson (nee Smith) commuting to Skinningrove each day to work in the Shop. Malcolm and Sheila Hart from Skinningrove moved in when we sold the shop and I believe Jack Roberts took over after the Hart’s left.”

Image and information courtesy of John Roberts; also to David Archer for the updates on Richard Magor and Barbara McBurney for updates on the Skinningrove shop.

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