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Beck Meetings, Dalehouse, 1884

Beck Meetings, Dalehouse, 1884

This photograph was taken at Beck Meetings, Dale House on the 20th December 1884 (according to its caption). Simon Chapman advises : ”It shows a train from Mr. Palmer’s Grinkle Park mine carrying workmen towards Port Mulgrave. The locomotives were ‘cab less’ to allow them to travel through the low tunnel under Ridge Lane.”

Many thanks to Simon Chapman for the update.

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  • Geoff Ward

    The tunnel at Port Mulgave did not need an engine house for rope haulage system through the tunnel to Dalehouse; within the tunnel was a self acting incline; full wagons coming down pulled empty wagons up. Please look at (search port mulgave) photos in side the tunnel, show two tunnels side by side where wagons passed. I believe the engine house was used for pulling barges closer to the dock

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