SS Cattersty

SS Cattersty

SS Cattersty moored at Skinningrove jetty. This boat was one of four owned by Skinningrove Iron Works to take pig iron to its various customers around the UK and eventually to Europe. The other boats were named SS Hummersea, SS Northgate and SS Skinningrove. Colin Hart tells us: ”A report from the Evening Gazette tells the Cattersty was built at North Sands Shipbuilding Yard of Messers Joseph L Thompson and Sons at Sunderland and launched on Saturday 14th April 1894. The ship was named by Mrs Hutchinson the wife of the managing director of Skinningrove Iron Company. The Cattersty ran aground on the south side of the jetty at Skinningrove on her maiden voyage but was recovered on the next high tide, the ship was commanded by Captain Verrill.”

Ian Wilson asked: “Does anyone know if there are detailed records of the SS Cattersty crews? George McLaren was the master when the ship ran aground off Boulmer in 1899. We think he could be an ancestor of ours.”  Colin Hart tells us: “Shipping reports show the Cattersty was captained by Verrill from 1894, April 1895 Captain Brown, December 1895 Captain McLaren sailing for Grangemouth. 7th February 1899 The Cattersty on its way to Grangemouth ran aground on Boulmer Stile. 19th February 1899 The Cattersty was refloated and sailed to Warkworth then onto Sunderland for repairs. Captain George McLaren was found guilty of causing the accident due to a wrongful act and his masters certificate was suspended for four months.”

Bill Kitching tells us: “Captain Peterson, retired to Kensington Road, Middlesbrough beforeWW2.was skipper of SS Skinningrove. crew member lived in the house opposite number 4 Queen Street, Carlin How.”

Image courtesy of The Pem Holiday Collection, as well as Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum and others. Many thanks to Colin Hart, Ian Wilson and Bill Kitching for the updates.



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  • Terry Shaw

    SS Cattersty IMO 5002728, Completed 19/10/1894. Dimensions: 155feet long, 26.8 feet breadth, 11.7 depth, 491 tons
    Other names:
    1972..Diana O.H.
    1/12/1941..war loss near Hango, rebuilt as a motor ship, engines aft.
    1/01/1973.. Awaiting breaking at Ystad.

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