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Bank Top Garage

Bank Top Garage

Do you remember Tommy Fletcher’s garage at Bank Top and his buses? Roy Jacklin tells us: “I moved from New Marske to Liverton Mines in 1964. I worked shifts at ICI Wilton but not being interested in sporting activities I needed something to fill in my spare time. A friend suggested asking Tommy Fletcher if there was a driving job vacancy. I didn’t have a bus licence but could drive his taxis. The cars were Austin Princess’s. Most of the work was with Mr Garnetts Funeral service. In those days you were paid 25 pence for driving the car and a further 25pence as Poll Bearer. I remember when I first went there I noticed one of his cars had slipped down the bankside behind his garage. Tommy said it was a sign of the times. The land was slipping away into the beck below. The rest is history, due to further landslip the garage eventually closed. I remember Tommy and his sons Alan and Thomas as great company, always joking.”. Whilst Emma Verrill tells us: “I’m Alan Fletchers grand-daughter, I was reading Roy Jacklin’s comment to my mam and nanna and my mam (Irene Fletcher) said she remembers Roy working there and remembers him coming into Walter Wilsons, I’m looking for some photos of my grandad’s garage if you know anywhere I can find any can you let me know please?”

Image courtesy of Joan Yeoman, also thanks to Roy Jacklin and Emma Verrill for the updates.

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