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Greasy Pole?

Not the most hygienic place to play, but these children seem to be enjoying themselves.  Am I right in suspecting that this is before the sewage was piped out to sea?

Father and Son?

We were very impressed by this image and we are now advised by Paul Clarke: ”The man in the photograph is my late father Eddie Clarke, and the boy is Keith Simpson. The boat was owned by my father and later went on to get the boat ‘Boy Paul’ built at Sandsend. This photograph appeared in and was taken by a photographer from The Northern Echo in about 1961-1963”. A. N. Andre has advised: “The Sea Rover boats of which there were two; Sea Rover I and Sea Rover II originally belonged to the Simpson family.”

Thanks to Stephen Steyert and Paul Clarke for the missing information, also to A. N. Andre for the update..

Loftus – Junior School 1993

Class 10 Loftus Junior School – 1993 – Class teacher Mrs S. Sansom.

Back Row: Craig Morrison, David Lorains, Dale Hopper, Andrew Evans, Rachel Hepworth, Tony Heseltine, Charlotte Lee Peterson, Mrs S Sansom.

Third Row: Elizabeth Story, Julie Anne Armstrong, Ewan Thomas, Rachel Robinson, Rebecca Cowie, Mark Wilson, Shaun Tyres, Sharon Grey.

Second Row: Lisa Willis, Danny McConnell, Tina Kitchener, Craig Carter, Emma Lethbridge, Emma Bainbridge, Richard Stockdale.
Front Row: Stephen Todd, Michael Stonehouse, Stuart Nicholson.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson.

Bathing at Skinningrove

From the famous Cynicus postcard series. This actual scene was repeated on postcards throughout the world, even as far away as New Zealand. The series date from the 1900 to 1920s period, although of all the times I have been to Skinningrove beach I have never seen a sight like this, has anyone else?

Image courtesy of Jean Dean.

South Loftus High Town

A view of South Loftus from the west. Road junction at right hand side of photograph leads northwards to Loftus via Water Lane.

Paul Stevenson tells us: “The first house was my Grandparents house, now I live there.”

Image courtesy of Mrs Cynthia Sakaropoulus and thanks to Paul Stevenson for the update.

Crossroads Loftus

A lovely clear photograph, the road hasn’t changed much other than you couldn’t stand today where the two young girls are, too much traffic. Eric Johnson informs us that it is definitely pre 1906 and the building of the Congregational Chapel by Mr Hebditch.

Image courtesy of Keith Bowers and many thanks to Eric for the update.

An Early view of Skinningrove Beach

Almost looks posed; but a lovely hand-tinted picture of Skinningrove beach with the jetty and ships inthe background.

Image courtesy of Jean Dean.

Staff in the hall -1984

By 1984, fifteen ladies now make up the staff of the Harry Dack Infant School.

Back row (left to right): ??, ??, Karen Thompson, Velma Brown, Mrs Botterill, ??, Mrs Yeoman, Mrs Marsay.
On the chairs L to R: Mrs Jemson, Mrs Beedle, Mrs Hitchen, Miss Hogg, Mrs Hoggart, Mrs Burnside, Mrs Byrne.
Once again the brain has let me down can you help fill in the gaps?

Image courtesy of Joan Jemson.

Miss Hogg and Staff, Loftus Infants 1983

The Headmistress has changed again and Miss Hogg now takes centre space with Mrs Beedle, Mrs Hoggart and Mrs Hitchen on her right. Mrs Yeoman, Mrs Burnside and Mrs Byrne to her left.

Standing Mrs Jemson, Velma Brown, Karen Thompson, Mrs Marsay, ??, Mrs Botterill, Julie Burrows.
Please help fill in the missing names.
Image courtesy of Joan Jemson and many thanks to Marion Burnside for help with the names.

14 Lady Staff at the Infant School Loftus – 1982

Mrs Frost is still at the head and there have been some new faces added to the staff.

Standing L toR: Mrs Jemson, Mrs Botterill, Sheila Fawcett, Karen Thompson, Mrs Fenby, Mrs Beedle, Mrs Armstrong.
Seated: Mrs J Yeoman, Mrs Hitchen, Mrs Lindsey, Mrs Frost, Mrs Byrne, Mrs Burnside, Mrs Harris.

Image and names courtesy of Joan Jemson.