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A Cricket Team Puzzle

Help was needed with this photograph of a Cricket team; believed to be at Carlin How Ground.

Back row: Joe Cannon (Umpire), Bob Doe, Des Hitchin, Keith Coote, Robert Hart, Alan Gorman, Arthur Simpson, Fred Hudson, Arthur Hawkins (Invoice Dept. Manager).

Front row: Les Brittan, Ken Hopper (Pay Dept.?), Terry Main, Neil Harrison, David Sturman.

Colin Hart tells us: ”The photograph was taken at Carlin How football ground, where the Skinningrove works athletic club played their inter department cricket competition. The team looks like the Staff team. Guess around 1970.” Bob Doe tells us: ”It was the inter department trophy but I remember we also went to Workington that year to play their champions, but when we got there it was cancelled due to rain”.

Image courtesy Dave McGill and thanks to Brian Young, Colin Hart and Bob Doe for the updates.

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