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Codling Family

This family portrait of the Codling family was taken in about 1907.

Back row: Margaret (Maggie), Isaac (Ike), Richard (Dick), Elizabeth (Lizzie), Matthew (Mattie), Thomas (Tom), Indiana (Indie).

Middle row: Thomas, Rachel, Mary, Hannah and Margaret with Daisy in her arms.

Front row: Greta, Violet.

Not shown on this picture is William the last and final baby of this generation of the Codling family. We are also advised (by Sandra Payne) that Indiana married Sarah’s great uncle Joseph William Cook in 1914.  Mavis Gray advises that Hannah married Albert Gray (her mother-in-law) in 1919.

Ann Bland told us: ”Lovely to see the photograph of the Codling Family. Violet Codling was my Gran. She married Edward Miller from Danby.They had two children Allen and Margaret both still living.Lizzie married a Newton, Maggie married a Bulman, Ike was killed in a mining accident at Tin City in 1910, Thomas and Matthew married the Thurlow sisters from Boulby Banks Farm. Tom married Georgina and Mattie married Ada. Matthew died of Typhoid in 1913 at Great Ayton.Hannah married a Gray and Greta married Herbert Dowson. Richard and Anastasia’s daughter Stella was a Health visitor at Whitby and won the MBE. She died just recently.”

Vicky Dawson assists with: “Richard was my grandfather. He married Anastasia Elliott and they had 9 children: Margaret, Mary, Stella, Anne, Bessie, Richard, Phillippa, Thomas (my dad) and Anastasia. Of these nine children, the youngest three are still with us. I am one of seven children. Me and my siblings all live in the Whitby area.” Peter Codling comments: “Tom Codling in the back row was my Great Grandfather who married my Great Grandmother Georgina Thurlow. Ike the Coldstream Guard was my granddad.” Joan Dickens adds: “I lived at No. 3 Glenfield Terrace, East Loftus. Number 2 Glenfield was where Tom Codling who married to Georgina Thurlow. They had six sons and one daughter. Isabel was six months older than me. We played in our back yard. There was Alan, Ike, Steven, he won a war medal. Ike was a Coldstream Guard and very handsome. Then there was Raymond, Alick, and the youngest was Dennis, who use to play in our backyard as well. Mrs Codling was a member of the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Arlington Street.” Janet Wilson (nee Codling) adds: “I am Thomas and Georgina’s grand daughter. Denis was my father. I remember Mr. and Mrs. Dickens at number 3. Mr. Dickens did one of his magic shows at one of our children’s parties in Liverton village hall probably n the early 1960’s. I had seven uncles, you missed out Sydney. There is a photograph in our loft of your wedding day.” Peter Codling asked: “Do you remember my Dad, Steve Codling son of Ike? Do you have any photographs of times that he visited Yorkshire?” Janet Wilson answered: “I remember one of Ikes sons visiting us when I was quite small. He was with his wife/fiance called Girda.” Peter Codling replied with: “That was my Uncle John (my Dad’s brother) and his Dutch wife to be, my Aunt Girda, they emigrated to New Zealand.” Whilst Ann Jackson commented: “I have Elizabeth Thurlow 1799-1862 in my family tree. She lived at Boulby and married John Hall. They had a daughter Isabella who is my great, great grandmother. I don’t know if there is a connection?”

Image courtesy of Kate Patton (nee Dowson) for this image and details. Also thanks to Sandra Payne, Mavis Gray, Ann Bland, Vicky Dawson, Peter Codling, Joan Dickens, Janet Wilson and Ann Jackson for the updates.

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