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Carlin How Carnival, 1955-6

The girls were reluctant to come forward so Ray Conn took the part of the Carnival Queen and the choir boys dressed up as attendants. Whilst Mr. Lancaster, Marie Downs father, is the king.

Image and details courtesy of Mr. Ray Conn.

The Biott Family – Carlin How

A Picture postcard of the Biott Family in 1912; the girl in the picture is Constance Irene L. Biott; Charles  and  Annie Biott were her grandparents who raised her. Constance was  born in Carlin How in 1902. The 1911 Census records the family living at 4 Furnace Cottages, Carlin How. Annie Biott as aged 67 who had 7 children (5 living and 2 dead) and Charles Biott aged 65 (Fish merchant). The Biott family ran a Fish and Chip  business in a building adjacent to The Tivoli Theatre. Amazingly it survived unscathed when The Tivoli burned down! They must have achieved a measure of fame! Kathleen Kelly great-granddaughter of the Biotts tells us: ”My mothers mother was named Elizabeth Biott who married Bernard J. Lawrence from Middlesbrough. She died in 1916 She had a brother Charles Biott, As children we were told that her grandparents owned a fish and chip shop around where they say they lived in Carlin How and the Biotts were from around Skinningrove region . A daughter of Elizabeth was born around March 1904 and may have been baptised at St Helen’s church. Just curious to know if there are any Biott relatives that can expand on this”. Whilst June Riesberg tells the Archive: “Interesting to find a photograph of Constance Irene Lawrence Biott with grandparents, as we knew so little about her!”. Kathleen Kelly further advises: “Having another look through here, we were also very surprised to know our mother had another sister. After all the years had passed, we found this out after doing much searching. We had found a few Biotts who were doing ancestry, and we got in touch, but they suddenly stopped contact. If we had known years ago, we might have found we had a lot more relatives than we knew, but in those days a lot was kept secret. Constance was born 1902, married May 1922 and died December 1983.”

Image courtesy of Carlin How Community Centre; thanks to Kathleen Kelly and June Riesberg for the updates.

Miss Carlin How

”This is a photograph of Miss Carlin How from 6th of August 1951. Miss Carlin How was Sylvia Conway. To Sylvia’s left on back row is Keturah  Welford (daughter of Bob Welford the coalman), little girl front left Jennifer Welford (youngest daughter of Bob Welford), next right Kathleen Welford (with glasses, another daughter of Bob Welford), next right back row ??, little girl directly in front Pat Pearson, to her right David Husband and directly behind and between these two Ronnie Gittings. To David’s right front row Alfie Arnold and to his right Brian Husband (David’s twin brother who went to Australia many years ago).” Frank Robson tells us: ”The tall lad on the back row is John Scott.” Richard Stubbs assisted with: “Little girl front left is Jennifer Welford, Bob Welford’s youngest daughter. We have sat laughing about it this afternoon.”

These events like Gala day and Carnival Queen were generally held on the football field, house showing behind the fence to the left could be numbers 13 or 14 Bells Huts where the present day foundry stands.

Image and notes courtesy of Derick Pearson, thanks to Frank Robson for correctly identifying John Scott, also to Richard Stubbs for assistance in naming Jennifer Welford.

A Sunday School Outing

A view of Front Street, Carlin How with pupils from the Carlin How Wesleyan Sunday School on their way to a picnic at Cragg Hall. The chapel was built in 1912, with other buildings being used prior to that date. The two boys near the railings are looking a little miserable, maybe they don’t go to Sunday School but are wishing they did. Now believed to date from c.1909 shows the trip from Carlin How square. The front garden fences are of note, they are narrow zigzag rails.  Neil Suckling tells us: ”I am fairly sure that the man with his right arm on the back of the waggon, flat cap, grey beard; is my great grandfather, Alf Suckling. He was a Primitive Methodist preacher; so it may be a mixed denomination outing?”

Information courtesy of Wiggins and thanks to Neil Suckling for the update.

Charles and Di’s Wedding: Street Party 29 July 1981

Doris Ness (left) and Iris Knight (right) give out the Crown pieces to May Cuthbert (left), Lily Marshal (centre) & Ivy Wilkinson (right)
Image and information courtesy of Raymond Brown.

Charles and Di’s Wedding, the Ladies of the Street Party – 29 Jul 1981

These are the ladies who made all the arrangements for the street party for Queen Street, Grosvenor Terrace and Irene Street in Carlin How; to celebrate the Marriage of Charles and Diane on the 29th July 1981 and a grand job they did too.
They are left to right: Susan Simmonds, Irene Greensmith, Jean Brown, Jean Young, Dorothy Ashwell, Doris Webster, Josie Miller, Lynn Bint, Audrey Metcalfe, Doris Ness, Iris Knight, Susan Kitching and Jill Anthill.

Duncan Sellers tells us: ”I lived on Grosvenor Terrace at this time, but I can’t remember this street party, although I do remember the one that was organised for the Silver Jubilee in 1977, held up at the Football Field. Many familiar names and faces, but none of them seen in over 30 years!”

Image courtesy of Raymond Brown, thanks to Antony, Mark Simmonds, Duncan Sellers and Sharon Bell for the updates.

Carlin How Dinner Ladies 1967

Ray Brown tells us: ”I took this Polaroid picture of the Dinner Ladies at Carlin How Primary School (long before it was called Whitecliffe); it was taken circa 1967, well before the period when meals were cooked on the premises. In 1963 as you may remember all school meals were cooked at the central kitchens in Loftus”. The Dinner Ladies are: left to right: Audrey Sweeney, Marion Sayers, Kath Lancaster, Annie Dyer, Jean Cook and Rose Partlett.

Image, dating and names courtesy of Raymond Brown.

BSC Foreman’s Trip 1958

Okay, were you or any one you know a BSC foreman and were you on this trip to Steel, Peech and Tozer Rotherham; 25th June 1958?  If so can you tell us the names of any of the men there and where the photograph was taken?

Back row: ??, ??, ??, Jim Shaw.

Fifth row: ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??.

Fourth row: ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??.

Third row: ??, ??, ??, ??, ??.

Second row: ??, ??, ??, Harry Moore (sample passer at Skinningrove), ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??.

Front row: ??, ??, Ron Cook, ??, ??, Tom Cook.

Image courtesy of Carlin How Community Centre; also thanks to Malcolm, Eric Johnson and Liz Riley for the updates (Harry Moore being uncle to and grandfather of Liz Riley).

Bassendale Group, including Mrs Hoggarth

The Bassendale group was so-called following the inclusion of this copied image from a display in Carlin How in 1983 by Derick Pearson. Derick entitled the image to identify in the collection of some 600+ images he copied for the display. Cynthia White advised: “The lady seated on the front right is my mam; Mrs Harriet Ann Templeman of North Skelton. The lady seated front left is my aunt, Mrs Olive Templeman of North Skelton; the lady seated next to Ivy is Dora Kirk”.

Back row: ??, Mrs Hoggarth, ??, ??, Mr Jack Hyde, ??.

Front row: Mrs Olive Templeman, Mrs Ivy Bassendale (Carlin How Post Office), Mrs Dora Kirk?, Mrs Harriet Ann Templeman, Mrs Hyde.

Image courtesy of Carlin How Community Centre, thanks to Joan Jemson and Cynthia White we have some names, do you know any more?

Alan Tyreman at rear of Wesley Terrace (1943)

The image shows the border fence with Skinningrove Iron and Steel Works with the terminus of the aerial rope-way, (locally known as ’the buckets’ in the background), this rope-way brought ironstone into the works from Skinningrove mine.  The bungalow roof on the right hand side is the top gatehouse or the planner’s building (1960’s terminology).  Alan is pictured with possibly Isabell Tyreman and another youngster. We are told that Alan’s father kept various livestock in this area at the rear of Wesley Terrace, ducks can be seen in the foreground of this image.

Image courtesy of Carlin How Community Centre, thanks to Derick Pearson and Robert Doe for comments and updates.