Carlin How Dinner Ladies 1967

Ray Brown tells us: ”I took this Polaroid picture of the Dinner Ladies at Carlin How Primary School (long before it was called Whitecliffe); it was taken circa 1967, well before the period when meals were cooked on the premises. In 1963 as you may remember all school meals were cooked at the central kitchens in Loftus”. The Dinner Ladies are: left to right: Audrey Sweeney, Marion Sayers, Kath Lancaster, Annie Dyer, Jean Cook and Rose Partlett.

Image, dating and names courtesy of Raymond Brown.

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  • Mrs james

    Rose said this photo must have been a bit later, as she didn’t start work till her son had gone to school. That was 1970/71. And this photo must be older still as jean wasn’t there when she started there

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