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Loftus Harry Dack Infant School Staff – 1975

1975 and eleven members of staff with Miss Jordan the headmistress

Back row (left to right): Mrs Maughan, Mrs Yeoman, Mrs Byrne, Mrs Jemson, Mrs Burnside, Mrs Wilson, Mrs Hitchen.
Seated: Mrs Beedle, Mrs Robinson, Miss Jordan, Mrs Lindsey, Mrs Catherall.

Image courtesy of Joan Jemson.

Loftus – Harry Dack Infant School – 1973

The staff of 1973; with back row from left to right: Mrs Burnside, Mrs Wilson, Mrs Catherall, Mrs Byrne, Mrs Hitchen.

Front row: Mrs Robinson, Miss Sibley, Miss Jordan (Headmistress), Mrs Maughan, Mrs Jemson.

Image courtesy of Joan Jemson.

“Dinner Ladies” – Harry Dack Infant School – 1972

Not quite the same as the television programme, but sometimes just as funny; and the ladies were:

Back row: Eileen Hicks, Maggie Marley, Joan Jemson, Pam Morrison.

Front row: Dorothy Winspear, Betty Goodwill, Bertha Founds, Ann Davies, Gwen Husband.

Image courtesy of Joan Jemson.

Loftus – Harry Dack Infant School – 1973

Mrs Yeoman with a group of her pupils in 1973.

Back row: Bernadette Grayson, Debbie Barwick, Louise Dunn, Alison Cockerill, Katya Williams, Jacqueline Robinson, Sharon Main, Tessa Bainbridge, Caroline Tilley.
Third row: Phillip Preston, Debbie Covell, Karl Jemson, Cheryl Smith, Craig Smithies, Elizabeth ?, Conrad Heward, Kath Simpson, Vincent Dodds.
Second row: Elaine Garbutt, Michelle Ainsley, Vanessa Blood, Paula Toulson, Paul Lings, Richard Willis, Mark Jones, Andrew Walshaw, Amanda Evanstone.
Front fow: Richard Muir, Mark Byers, Andrew Simpson, Simon Lodge, Paul Morse, Mark Harrison, Darren Watson, Clive Pearson.
Image and names courtesy of Joan Jemson; thanks to Caroline Tilley for the update, but help is needed to name the remaining pupil.

Loftus Junior School – 1977-78

Loftus Junior School - 1977-78

Mr. Foster was the teacher here and this was the final year for the pupils before going to Rosecroft School.

Back Row L to R: Stuart Housam, Karl Jemson, Andrew Penney, Darren Watson, Paula Snowdon, Kath Simpson, Bernadette Grayson, Andrea Gorman, Kerry Taylor, Dale Gordon.

Middle Row L to R: Sean Mellor, Paul Mann, Simon Lodge, Andrew Walshaw, Wayne Boyes, Mark Byers, Akelda Barber, Kerry Robinson, Cheryl Smith, Kath Teesdale.

Front Row L to R: Gillian Clarke, Susan Jones, Sue Pearson, Michelle Easton, Kevin McConnell, Michael Radford, Andrew Tabner, Sean Thomas, Michael Breckon.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson  and thanks to Andrew Penny for the update.

Loftus Junior School – 197?

A group of pupils with their teacher outside the school in the 1970’s

Back row (left to right): Mr Stewart, ??, Andrew Walshaw, Karl Jemson, Paul Ditchburn, Mark Jones, Dean Gibson, Kevin Walker, Mark Hanson.
Third row: Cheryl Smith, Michelle Hart, Louise Parker, Anne Brundle, Kaelie Polano, Michelle Easton, Angela Spinks, Katya Williams.
 Second row: Jonathan Sanderson, Paula Toulson, Tessa Bainbridge, Louise Dunn, Lorna Richardson, Amanda Hall, Susan Jones, Jacqueline Robinson, Andrew Tabner.
Front row: Simon Lodge, Paul Garbutt, Darren Watson, Russell Hart.
Do you recognise yourself please help us fill in the rest of the names.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson and thanks to Debbie Shaw for the update.