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School Trip

Margrove Park School Party, initially the location was a mystery; with the building in the background possibly the Exhibition Hall at the Festival of Britain in London, 1951. However Kon Budkiewicz advises us: ”Re location, go on the Festival of Britain and you can see that the oval shaped building is sited near to the current location of the “wheel” on the South Bank of the Thames.” The clothing of the group is of that era. Can someone assist in naming names?

Image courtesy of Howard Wilson and thanks to Kon Budkiewicz for that update.


Margrove Park School; three boys, contemplate the flat wheel on the toy truck, spilling it’s load of cotton reels. We asked for ’Names of the pupils and a date, please, if you can help.’ Marian Smith (Holmes) suggests: ”I think Perry Horton, Alan and Brian Drinkall”; Judith Dean has now advised:”Michael Lynas, Alan and Brian Drinkhall”.

Image courtesy Howard Wilson and thanks to Marian Smith (Holmes) and Judith Dean for the updates.

What Shall We Make?

Three lovely boys making all kinds of wonderful objects I wonder what they imagined they were:  guns maybe or space vehicles?  Were you one of these boys or can you name them. Janice Wilson suggested: ”Is far right either Phillip or Peter Darby?”. Neil Readman advises: ”The one on the left is David Wetherall; centre is Denis Wynn and right is myself Neil Readman. I have the photograph, taken about 1958.”

Image courtesy of Howard Wilson and thanks to Janice Wilson and Neil Readman for the updates.

In the School Yard

Margrove Park school are they country dancing or is it a P.E. lesson?  Were you there or can you recognise anyone on the photograph?   Kon Budkiewicz tells us: ”The adult at the rear of the photograph was Miss Robinson.  She taught year 1. I guess that the photo was taken in 1953. Janice Wilson tells us: ”Think far left is Lyn Rye; front middle is Keith Rix and Margaret Wardell and surely far right is Christine Budkiewicz.” Anne Wilson tells us: ”The teacher is Audrey Kirby (nee Robinson). She still lives in Skelton and visited June Wilson (Stonehouse) in Somerset recently.”

Image courtesy of Howard Wilson and many thanks to Kon Budkiewicz, Janice Wilson and Anne Wilson for the updates.


Prince Charles visiting Rosecroft School March 1994, The green Bentley to the right of the image was used to transport around East Cleveland after arriving on the school field in a helicopter, he later visited Skinningrove and the then Tom Leonard Mining Museum. David Myers tells us: ” I remember shaking his hand and pictures being in the Whitby Gazette. I think someone also asked if we could have the rest of the day off. He was visiting I believe because of the Princes Trust student support centre which had been set up.”

Image courtesy of Celia Parrish and thanks to David Myers for the update.

Is It A Bird or Is it A Bee?

No! It’s the helicopter bringing Prince Charles to Rosecroft School in 1994. The third B could be the Bentley in the centre which was  the road transport for Prince Charles! Later that day he also travelled to and viewed the Tom Leonard Mining Museum ( now more better known as Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum), in Skinningrove.
Image courtesy of Celia Parrish.

Wendy House

Margrove Park School; four girls with the play house, one minds a doll whilst the girl at the front cleans the window. We asked for names and were you one of the young ladies? Janice Wilson (nee Kipling) tells us: “Not sure of girl with long hair but Linda Rye is in Wendy House and the other two Annette and Marian Holmes.” Marian Smith (nee Holmes) tells us: ”The girls in the Wendy house picture are  Linda Firbank, Pamela Buxton, my sister Annette and myself  Marian Holmes.”

Image courtesy Howard Wilson; thanks to Janice Wilson and Marian Holmes for the updates.

Folk Dancers

Margrove Park Pupils, country dancing in the playground. Under the watchful eye of the teacher. Can you help with names, and year. Kon Budkiewicz advises us: ”The boy on the right is Konstanty Budkiewicz. The boy on the left looks like John Boyes of Charltons.  Kon looks about 6 years old, so I guess the photograph was taken in 1952/3. Third child from the right is Marilyn Teasdale and I believe that the teacher was a Miss Stonehouse. I think that she married a short time later.” Anne Wilson tells us: ”The teacher is my mother, June Wilson (nee Stonehouse). She married in 1955 (Bill Wilson of Guisborough).”

Image courtesy of Howard Wilson; with thanks to Kon Budkiewicz for the update on names and probable dating of the image. Also many thanks to Anne Wilson for identifying the teacher.


Margrove Park School Prefects. The five prefects are:

Back row: John Teale, Alan Calvert.
Front row: Heather Young, Margaret Ling, Carol Pickering.
Please help with date.
Image and names courtesy of Howard Wilson and thanks to Andrew Bliss for the update.

Magra’ Park School 1950

Margrove Park School, 1950.  We had no information, as to names of the class of twenty girls and nine outnumbered boys. We asked: ”Can you help with names?”

Back row: ? Rye, J. Young, F. Jones, ? Dawson, A. Leng, F. Rix, D. Nixon?, Eric Dadd, J. Bolams, B. Dixon, C. Thompson.

Middle row: ? Millers, Lenny ?, J. Hardiman?, ? Hancock, M, Rix, J. Calvert, P. Dean, B. Bright, A. Freeman.

Front Row: G Wilkes,  Val Ovington,   Sheila Spencer,  Marilyn Teasdale, Miss Kirby (Class Teacher), R. Pickering, J. Newton, M. Pierson, M. Pickering.

I hope I have got them right but if you know different then let us know.

Image and some names courtesy of Howard Wilson, also thanks to a lady who wishes not to be named and Alan Davies for confirming the teachers name.