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The Coming Of The Romans No.5

Looks like farming here with Ann Dodsworth and John Thornton.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson.

The Coming Of The Romans No.6

Looks like some sort of ritual here can anyone remember what it was? Where are you in the picture?

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson.

The Coming Of The Romans No.7

Looks as though the Roman’s have arrived, were you a Roman?

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson.

The Coming Of The Romans No.8

I know the first Roman is Derek Armstrong were you one of the others?

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson.

The Coming Of The Romans No.9

The last in the album and written on the page is:- ‘After a heroic defence the Brigante warriors are over powered  and submit to the trained Roman Army.’  Ahhhhh don’t cry, just admit which one was you if you were there.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson.

Brothers in Arms

Ready to fend off the invading Romans are Barry Matson, Ken Greening and Terry Blades, unfortunately we know the Romans won. Hard luck lads.

Image courtesy Terry Blades.

Victors And Their Captives.

The Romans again; yes we are back at the Festival of Britain 1951,  the Romans have won the battle, the boys are:-

Back row: Michael Cornforth, ??, Terry Blades, Bobby Barber, ??.

Front row: Bobby Morrison, Philip Mortimer, Ken Greening, ??.

Help is needed with the missing names; do you know them or are they your dad or granddad?

Image courtesy Terry Blades.

Loftus Zetland Girls

Once again the Archive needs help, this Loftus Zetland  Girls Group IV image would appear to be pre-World War I, but assistance is sought to try and identify the year the photograph was taken, as well as hopefully identify the teacher or any of the girls. HELP!

A Loftus Parade

Loftus Junior school parading in the Market Place Loftus with a banner to Their Majesties, I would think that is would be the coronation of George 6th in 1937. The Archive would welcome any comments or memories of the event; perhaps you were there?

Junior School Award 1939

Winning an Eskdale Tournament of Song Certificate in 1939 gives us this excellent view of the Junior School Choir. Can anybody assist with the missing names?

Proudly showing their Eskdale Tournament Of Song award; some of the pupils are:-

back row: Joyce(Peggy) Adamson,  ??,  ??,  Geoff Turner,  Geoff Robinson, ??,  Freda Rouse,  Doreen Anderson.

2nd row:- Betty Robinson, Emma Stewart, Sheila Breckon, Sylvia Waller, Iris Roberts,  Nancy Sanderson.

3rd row:- Joyce Hore, Lilian Hodgson, Joyce Markham,  Sylvia Atkinson,  Mary Skilbeck, ??,  Pam Dohring,  Doreen Natrass, ??, Betty/Jean Maughan (twin 1).

Front row:- Hazel Wood, ??,  Jean/Betty Maughan (twin 2), Doreen Noble.

Do you know the names of  any of the remaining children?

Image and names to date courtesy of Joyce Hore.