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I Promise I Won’t Make a Mess!

This image possibly taken at Holme Farm, Hinderwell in 1914/15 features (from left to right): Joseph Henry Tyerman (b.1911), Annie Tyerman(b.1914), Vena Tyerman (b.1908), Elizabeth Mary Tyerman (b.1912). We got the spelling incorrect as has been pointed out by Elaine (Joseph’s daughter). She has also told us that her aunt Annie died in December 2013, aged 99 years, 9 months and 15 days. A good life! Ruth Pattinson (nee Tyerman) advised: “Regarding the lovely picture of Joseph Henry, Annie, Vena and Elizabeth Mary Tyerman; they appear in my family tree. Their great grandfather Joseph Tyreman born 1827 was the brother of my great great grandfather James Tyreman born 1837,the son of Stephen born 1789 in Great Ayton and Eliza nee Taylor born 1801. We have found in the records searched that there are various ways of spellng our surname eg Tyreman / Tyerman / Tireman / Tyers etc in the various records researched. Thank you also to Elaine Meadows for the interesting photographs and information.

Image courtesy of Keith Bowers and thanks to Elaine Meadows and Ruth Pattinson for the updates.

Happy Friends – Together

Malcolm Fenwick, Don Bowers, Marianne Jackson and Colin Morrison are seen enjoying a laugh, in the1950s.
Image courtesy of Keith Bowers.

Staithes Women

A very narrow back lane in Staithes. The word George on the door at the left may refer to the Royal George Inn, thus giving an idea of location. Bev Campbell tells us: ”Hi, this is the lane into Royal George yard. The houses on the right are now our cottage; The Cottage, High Street; owned by the Crooks family at the time of the photograph.

Many thanks to Bev Campbell for identifying the location and her update.

A Cake for the Women’s Institute

Cutting the Golden Jubilee Cake of Loftus Women’s Institute. What date was that and  can you name any more of the ladies please?

 Left to right, ?, Mrs Margery Bolton, ?, ?, Mrs Ditchburn.

 Image courtesy of Ann Hamliton and Loftus Women’s Institute; also thanks to Jean Gittins for the update.

Another Cake for the Ladies

Loftus Womens Institute 25th Anniversary Celebration; in the institute building on Micklow Lane, Loftus,  sadly now no longer there, if you are as old as me you may remember some of the dances that were held there, a good time was had by all.

Back Row Left, Mrs Pinkney, Mrs Rouse. Front Left to Right, Mrs Anderson, Miss Edith Cochrane, Mrs Davies, Miss West, Olive Waite, Mrs Ditchburn, Mrs Carton.  A date for this photo would be appreciated.

Image courtesy of Ann Hamliton and Loftus Women’s Institute.

Loftus Child Welfare

The title is taken from the reverse of this image but gives no indication of date, it appears to be the committee or a specific group; possibly connected to Loftus Women’s Institute. Can anybody assist?

Image courtesy of Ann Hamliton and Loftus Women’s Institute.

Loftus Women’s Institute

Loftus branch of the Women’s Institute celebrating their 25th anniversary in 1948. The splendid repast on the tables must have used up a months worth of coupons or a tribute to their ingenuity? Can anybody help us with names?

Image courtesy of Loftus Womens Institute and Ann Hamilton.

Choir at the Rectory

The only name we have at present for this photograph is Reverend Cumming (seated) in the middle of the front row. The photograph appears to have been taken at the ”Rectory” (Now called Linden House), pre 1910. This Rectory was first occupied by Reverend Hildyard, who was a nephew of Lord Nelson. Replacing an earlier single storied building, there have been two subsequent rectory moves since that time; with the present rectory now situated off Micklow Lane.

A Take Four Ltd Photo 1A Cliff Crescent Loftus. used by kind permission of Rev. Adam Gaunt M.A. (Rector of St Leonard’s Loftus).

Reverend John Allen Davies M.A.

Reverend John Allen Davies M.A. Rector of St Leonard’s Loftus; 1932-1950.

Photograph by kind permission of Rev Adam Gaunt, M.A. (Rector Of St Leonard’s Loftus).

St Leonard’s Choir 1932

St Leonard’s Choir Loftus, 1932; pictured on the steps of the main door of St Leonard’s. Back row: J. Appleby, Roy Dunn, D. Turnbull, H. Waite, L. Westthorpe, Shepherd, L. Cummins, J. Trevillion, J. Smith, J. Temple, W. Fowle, G. Gibson, P. Johnson, F. Fowle, C. Moss, D. Trattles, A. Pearson.
Middle row: R. Knight, R. Westthorpe, Kenneth Westthorpe, C. Trevillion, E. Waite, J.A. Davies (Rector), Walter Jordan, F. Fowle, W. Willis.
Front row: G. Fowle, G. Lightfoot, J. Kirby, J. Fowle, A. Kirby, C.Tate, N.Nellist, P. Knight, D. Hawkins.

Photograph by Take Four Studio Ltd, 1A Cliff Crescent Loftus. Presented by G. Fowle; and used by kind permission of Rev. Adam Gaunt, M.A. (Rector of St Leonard’s Loftus).