The Coming Of The Romans No.5

Looks like farming here with Ann Dodsworth and John Thornton.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson.

The Coming Of The Romans No.6

Looks like some sort of ritual here can anyone remember what it was? Where are you in the picture?

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson.

The Coming Of The Romans No.7

Looks as though the Roman’s have arrived, were you a Roman?

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson.

The Coming Of The Romans No.8

I know the first Roman is Derek Armstrong were you one of the others?

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson.

The Coming Of The Romans No.9

The last in the album and written on the page is:- ‘After a heroic defence the Brigante warriors are over powered  and submit to the trained Roman Army.’  Ahhhhh don’t cry, just admit which one was you if you were there.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson.

Brothers in Arms

Ready to fend off the invading Romans are Barry Matson, Ken Greening and Terry Blades, unfortunately we know the Romans won. Hard luck lads.

Image courtesy Terry Blades.

Victors And Their Captives.

The Romans again; yes we are back at the Festival of Britain 1951,  the Romans have won the battle, the boys are:-

Back row: Michael Cornforth, ??, Terry Blades, Bobby Barber, ??.

Front row: Bobby Morrison, Philip Mortimer, Ken Greening, ??.

Help is needed with the missing names; do you know them or are they your dad or granddad?

Image courtesy Terry Blades.

All Smiles From The Girls

The A and B netball teams for Loftus Junior School are featured here; having held their own tournament, which was won by the red bibbed team.

Back row: Fiona Readman, Victoria Coaten, Karen Davies, Rebecca Lofthouse, Leanne Steart, Laura Fitzpatrick, Nicola Daniels, Kirsty Peel.

Front row: Catherine Papworth, Sara Rogers, Lucy Shepherd, Vikki Whitwell, Rachel Ward, Jemma Fulton, Jill Stonehouse.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson; also thanks to Lynne and Paul Jeffels for names and the information.

Mrs Shail And Some Pupils – 1974?

A photograph taken on the school field, as we can see West Park Avenue and Harry Dack Infant School. Mrs Heseltine later remarried and became Mrs Shail. Some of the named pupils are: Christopher Colbeck, Elliott Carr, Kerry Taylor, Julie Hadfield, Philip Sanderson, Paul Mann and Victoria Bell. This photograph has provoked some queries. The girl in the orange t-shirt is identified as Karen Morrison (thanks for the information), she identifies Kerry Taylor (yellow and red dress, identified by Kerry Taylor) and Julie Hadfield (blonde haired girl, yellow t-shirt – identified by Barbara Hale). Michael Radford is now identified as the boy to Mrs Heseltine’s right.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, also thanks to Barbara Hale, Kerry Taylor and Karen Addison (Morrison) for the updates.

1932 Wedding

This is the wedding of Edward Isaac Money (Ted) and Caroline Smith (Carrie).   Far left is Charles Powell Smith the bride’s brother, Nan Page friend of the bride, Ted and Carrie, Mary Smith niece of the bride and Jonathan Smith (Jonty) brother of the bride and father of Mary.

The wedding took place at St. Helen’s Church Carlin How on the 11th November 1932, the couple then lived at Skinningrove before moving to East Loftus after being bombed out of their house in Skinningrove during in the Second World War.

Image and information courtesy of Joan Jemson.