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11 Musicians

Were you one of these recorder players and which church were you in?
Back row: Julie Stonehouse, Sarah Fenby, ??, ??.
Front row: Carol Crossland, Holly Entiknap, Claire Hardy, Heidi Smith, Emma Covell, ??, ??.

Image courtesy of Mr. D. McKenna, thanks again to Adam Cuthbert for names.

Balancing Act

Helen Scott holding up Vicky Johnson.

Image and names courtesy of Mr. D. McKenna.

Red Nose Day

Okay own up which one is you and can anybody assist with the  date this photograph taken?

Back row: ??, Dwain ?, Victoria Smithies?, Head near the clown Ian? Lancaster, ??, ??, ??, Mr McKenna.

Middle row: right (with pink flower) Caroline Blades, Elaine Marsay.

Front row: ??, ??, ?Hampton, Natalie Rawcliffe, Olivia McBurney.

Image courtesy of Mr D. McKenna and thanks to Adam Cuthbert, Pam Gittins and Jo Dixon for the updates.

Three Smiling Faces.

”Don’t blame this on me!” Mr McKenna wrote; advising the now in 35 years to 40 years age group. We have: Carol Anne Smith, Jane Bonas and Debra Shepherd. Go on girls tell him off for giving your ages away.

Image and names courtesy of Mr D. McKenna.

Steady Girls

Natalie Timmins balances on the shoulders of Helen Scott.

Image and names courtesy of Mr D. McKenna.

Christmas Production

Gymnasts in the 1990/91 Loftus Junior School Production.
Back row:- Vicky Johnson, Natalie Timmins, Helen Scott.

Front row:- Andrea Midgely, Louise Cox. Kerry Bright.
Image and names courtesy of Mr D. McKenna.

Mr McKenna Says –

The 1989/90 Christmas production can you name them?

Back row: Helen Covell, Claire Williams, Nicola Gittens, Charlotte Armstrong, Georgina Liddell, Caroline Blades, ?? .

Middle row: Samantha Tremain, Helen Scott, Vicki Johnson, Victoria Worton, Jane Myers, Sarah Dean, Rebecca Vasey, Angela ?.

Front row: Helen Severs, Louise Cox, Vicky Melvin, Heidi Rawcliffe, Sarah Liddell , Emma Stonehouse , Kerry Bright.

On floor: Paul Butler.

Image courtesy of Mr. D. McKenna, thanks to Vicki Johnson, Georgina Liddell and others for names.

Well Done

Absolutely great not only medals but a shield too, we have now most of the names, but what was the occasion?

Assembled we have: ??,  Emma Robinson, Sharon Dodsworth, Claire Pauli, Carole Anne Smith, Jane Bonas, Sharon Patton, Miss Munday?, Debra Shepherd, Katherine Jones, Roland Webster, Sarah Page,  Fiona MacLaughlin. Sharon Dodsworth told the Archive: “Hi I am the one in the red leotard (Sharon Dodsworth) back then. Not sure of the girl on the very left but I think the teacher was Miss Munday but not 100% sure”.

Image courtesy of Mr D. McKenna and thanks to Sharon Dodsworth for the update on names.

Can you Name These Gymnasts?

Mr. McKenna asks that question and were you one of these pupils?

Back row: Rowland ?, Simon Whittaker (”slic”), Sharon Dodsworth, ?? , Stephanie Tose, Deborah Lannigan, Sandra Drury, Joanne Cole , Sharon Patton.
Front row: Clare Pauli, Joanne Phillips, Jane Bonas, Mel Lindsay, Carole Anne Smith.
Image courtesy of Mr D. McKenna and thanks to Fiona Maclachlan, Katie Hillyard (White) and Dan Ferguson for name so far, can anybody else help?

Were You One Of These Pupils?

A lovely group of gymnasts were you one of them?

Back row: Mathew Samson, Roy Stokes, Alison Harris, Samantha Worton, Donna Hudson, Heidi Smith, Carol Crossland, Chris Limon, David Jolly.

Front row: Lyn Yeoman, Rachel Dale, Nicola Reason, Angela Greening, Emma Covell .

Image courtesy of Mr D. McKenna, thanks to Rachel Dale, Adam ?, Ann Greening and Heidi Smith for names.