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Will it fly?

Another of our images from Loftus Youth Club, dating from the 1950s. Can anybody identify the two young men and the reason for the excellent balsa wood glider.

Joan Jemson suggests: “I think the young man with the glasses is Michael Jackson who used to live in Westfied Terrace, Loftus, can anyone verify this?  It’s not very often I am right and I could be wrong again.”
Image courtesy of Loftus Youth Club, thanks to Joan Jemson for that update.


A Future Wimbledon Champion?

Among a number of press cuttings and photographs from the early days of Loftus Youth Club, we have found this image. Our question is who is he, where was the photograph taken and what was the occasion? Betty Garbutt suggests: ”Could this be Mike Jones? He played tennis and badminton for Loftus and I think he worked at Barclay’s Bank.” John Preston Suggests: ”Could be Maurice Jones, he and his brother were much alike.” David McGill has hopefully solved the query with: ”The photograph is Michael Jones, but I don’t know where.” This is further confirmed by Eric Trembath: “It is Michael Jones.”

Image courtesy of Loftus Youth Club; also thanks to Betty Garbutt, John Preston, David McGill and Eric Trembath for the updates.

Loftus Young Farmers Prize Winners in 1950

Loftus Young Farmers in 1950 from a photograph courtesy of W. E. Shaw, 10 North Road Loftus (Tel. Loftus 190).

Back row: ??, Alan Wood, George Bosomworth, John Proud, John Wood, ??.

Third row: Barbara Elsegood, Mavis Dawson, Frank Gibson, ? Walker, Les Brittain, ? Walker, Joan Bradbury, Barry Cuthbertson, Dick Miller.

Second row: Ann Edwards, Ursula Gibson, Bill Richardson, Winnie Hutchinson (Muir), Guy Stevenson, Mr Tom Bradbury, Tom Gibson, Joe Allanson.

Front row: Cilla Elsegood, John Turnbull, ? Turnbull, Elizabeth Bradbury (Smith).

Adrienne Elsegood asked: “It would be lovely to hear from anyone who remembers me in the club. We had some very happy times.” Whilst Susan Wesley-Emmerson enquires: “Do you have any other information about Ann Edwards and perhaps of her four younger siblings. Ann was my Aunt who passed away some 10 years ago.”

Image and information courtesy of Mavis Stevenson; thanks to Colin, Adrienne McCallum (nee Elsegood) Rita Beckham, Michael Grant, Eric Trembath and Susan Wesley-Emmerson for the updates.

Loftus Youth Club Choir November 1949

The choir of Loftus Youth Club are shown, but we have no details as to where, why and who was shown on this image can you help?

Image courtesy of Mavis Stevenson

Mr and Mrs Tart’s Farewell Party

Members of Loftus Youth Club gathered to say to Mr and Mrs Tart, dated 5th April 1950. They were emigrating to Tasmania and it is now known that the new leader was Mr Chris Harrison. We have no names as yet for those present, can you help?

Image courtesy of Mavis Stevenson.

Loftus Youth Club – July 1946

Loftus Youth Club - July 1946

The title tells all! This photograph came to us with the title on the reverse. We would welcome names and possibly reasons for the gathering.
Back row: ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Denis Codling, ??, ??, ??, ??, Bryan Yarker, Eric Yarker.
Front row: ??, ??, ??, ??, ??.

Alex Wilson advises us: ”The face peering out from the back row, with his hands resting on the shoulders of two ladies, looks like my father Denis Codling. He would have been 20 in 1946.” Gary Yarker adds: “No idea if the dates are right but there are three ladies to the right and the two guys in the background look like my uncle Bryan Yarker and my dad Eric Yarker.”

Image courtesy of Loftus Youth Club and many thanks to J. Wilson and Gary Yarker for the updates.

Youth Club P.E. Teams

Another photograph loaned by Jack Noble; some of the people are Chris Harrison, Barry Breckon, George Hicks, Terry Cowan, Frank Miller, David Whitlock, Jack Noble, Mrs Dowey.

Betty Webster, ??,  June Winspear, ??,  ??,   ?  Stott,   ? Dowson,  ??.

Help is needed with the missing names please.

Image courtesy of Jack Noble.

Loftus Youth Club

This photograph of a group of Loftus Youth Club members was taken about the time that the Lord Lieutenant of the North Riding visited Loftus.
Left to right: Jackie Faye, Shirley Laws, Moira Smith, Bernard Powell, Jackie Noble, Beryl Watson (her father was a Police Inspector), Marion Cox, Rita Ward (Mrs. Unthank), ’Taxi’ Goldby. Eric Johnson advised: “The young man in front is Bernard Powell aged 13.” Barbara McBurney assists us with: ”Moira Smith, my cousin is standing next to Shirley Laws behind Bernard Powell.”
Image courtesy of Jack Noble and Rita Unthank, thanks Rita Unthank for names, also to Eric Johnson and Barbara McBurney for the updates.

Loftus Youth Club Football Team

Do you recognise yourself here, can you tell us the occasion?
The names are: Les Webster, Mr Harrison, Fred Halton, Bill Hyde, Brian Stonehouse, Derick Gales, Ted Wheatman, John Bryant, Mr Harrison’s son, Geoff Cox, Dennis Thomas, Charlie Hellings, Col Collinson, Jack Faye, John Frankland.

Brian Stonehouse tells us: ”This photograph was taken on Redcar racecourse about November/December 1951. I was sports secretary of Loftus Youth Club and had to organise all the fixtures. We played in the area youth club league against Whitby, Redcar, Thornaby and Grangetown (who were a nursery club for Middlesbrough FC and who used to trounce us!) As we had no field all our home and away matches were played away. I picked the team and as no one ever wanted to play in goal I always got the job. Geoff Cox had a goalkeeper jersey, which I used and on that particularly day I bought it from him for five shillings. You can see the racecourse structure displaying the runners and riders between Ron Webster and Mr Harrison.”

Image courtesy of Audrey Winspear and thanks to Brian Stonehouse for the update.