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Civil Defence, Loftus, 1966

Councillor Lantsbury of Loftus Urban District Council is pictured making a presentation to Mrs. Marian Smith on 25th January, 1966.  Also pictured are Mr. Ellison, Clerk to the Council, Doris Lantsbury, George Penman (County Civil Defence trainer) and Mrs. Marjorie Wood (nee Hebditch).

Image and information courtesy of Marian Smith.

Civil Defence Corps, 1966

Councillor Norman and Doris Lantsbury with members of Loftus section of the Civil Defence.

Back row:  Mrs. Watson, Mrs. Violet Jefferson, Irene Fowle (nee Wood), Mrs. Eleonore Jackson?

Front row:  Marian Smith, Mrs. Hardy, Mrs. D. Shaw, Mrs. Riddiough. Julie Riddiough asked: “Do you by any chance know the first name of the Mrs Riddiough on here?”

Image and names courtesy of Marian Smith, (copyright Derek P. Richardson, Guisborough); thanks also to Dulcie Johnson and Julie Riddiough for the updates.

“The Daily Herald”

Mrs. Rebecca Tindall won first prize in this outfit at a Labour Party Rally (we think) in about 1926.  The Daily Herald was a Labour paper.  Her husband, Mr. Charles Laurence Tindall, founded the Labour Party in Loftus.

Image and information courtesy of Mrs Lilian Johnson (daughter of Mrs Tindall).

At Kilton Castle, 2

This photograph was taken by T. C. Booth, Loftus, who was the Pastor at the Congregational Church.  I don’t know whether this group are on the same outing as the previous one, or if this was taken at a different time. Kilton was a popular venue for church or chapel outings, often a picnic with activities; trips from Carlin How or Loftus were a regular event (weather permitting).

At Kilton Castle, 1

With the date on the bottom corner of this photograph being 1915, and having been produced by T. C. Booth the assumption has been that it is a a trip or picnic at Kilton. It shows members of Loftus Congregational Church on an outing to Kilton Castle.

Suffer Little Children

That’s what the banner says behind these men, but who were the men, what was the occasion and what group do they represent?

Back row: ? Knight, ??, ??, John Waite?, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Fred Simpson, ??, Morris Brignall, ??.

Front row: Colin Riley, ??, Brian Shaw, ??, Chris Williams, Eric Parker, ??.
Now correct me if I am wrong (and I know you will) but the man second right front row is it Eric Parker from East Loftus?
Chris Bailes has told us that the photograph has been taken inside ’The Cong’s.’ The church had a men’s group that met on Sunday afternoons. Julie Riddiough commented: “The verse says “Jesus said suffer little children to come unto me” I have seen it on a grave in Brotton old cemetery, it’s from the bible, (Matthew).” Perhaps this room was usually used for the Sunday School and this would always be visible during ‘lessons’.

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection, with updates from Derick Pearson, Eric Johnson, Chris Bailes, Tony, R Simpson, Tony Shaw and Kelly Brignall.

Miss Loftus 1951

Not approved of by many people today but this was in 1951 the Festival of Britain year and Miss Loftus was the girl on the right Doreen Magor, next to Doreen is Eileen Money with Betty Shaw next to her and Marina Ward standing at the back.
Image courtesy of Audrey Winspear.

A Presentation

A presentation in the Town Hall Loftus; the occasion was the choosing of Miss Loftus in 1951. Doreen Magor (Miss Loftus 1951), Eileen Money, Betty Shaw and Marina Ward. But who was presenting the prizes?
Image courtesy of Audrey Winspear.

On Stage, 1

The Archive hasn’t any further details about this picture.  Some members of the cast are wearing pirate costumes, but don’t know what the production was or when it took place.  Can anyone help, please?

Chris Bailes tells the Archive: “This stage was in the Arlington Chapel schoolroom”.

Image courtesy of Carolyn Richards and many thanks to Chris Bailes for the update.

On Stage, 2

The Archive has no information about this picture.  We think it is the same stage as that in the previous one.  There are young children in this production.  Could they be members of the Sunday School?

Image courtesy of Carolyn Richards.