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Are We On Fire?

The bus driver may well have been asking that question as the flames sweep across the road towards the bus. The bus possibly being one run by Saltburn Motor Services (Kelly’s to many locals), running the service from Saltburn to Loftus via the notorious Spa Bank.

Image courtesy of Ted Morgan, loaned by Eric Johnson.

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  • Nigel Anderson

    Looks like the bus I used to catch from Great Ayton to Guisborough school everyday in the late 50’s/early 60’s. It was run by Saltburn Motor Services who ran the only bus through to Saltburn. Amazing now that it ran through some horrendous snowy winters that modern buses wouldnt attempt! The dent on the roof at the front was usual.
    The buses were pretty ancient when SMS bought them! Made worse when they bought an old 18 seater known as the “Sardine Can”. Ended up with 12 or more standing in a very cramped space-not very nice!

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