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Dismantling Fan

As the caption says it’s Huntcliff mine 1906, although the fan was dismantled, the building “Huntcliffe Guibal Fan House” is a scheduled monument; continuing to stand adjacent to the railway line skirting Warsett Hill. It is clearly visible to many as they travel around the area, particularly when passing from Carlin How towards Brotton.

Image courtesy of Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum and other collections.

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  • Lusnund

    Does anyone have/know of any photos or early video of the eston mines fanhouses (the “SS Castle” and the one at huntcliff depicted in the above photo) while they were still intact and operational ? Particularly the engine room, is i would not expect anyone back then to have bothered getting any photos inside the air shaft facing the fan intake or fan wheel compartment itself.

    I would imagine something must exist as i have seen a video/documentary once where there was a short snippet of a waddle fan spinning, which i have not been able to find again. Especially now when search engines are completely broken and dont give any hits for what you are actually searching for, but rather just give suggestions for vaguely similar/completely irrelevant stuff to look at instead.

    Like i try searching for photos and information on these 1800’s fanhouses and their engines, but all i get are urbexers videos/images and crap about modern day bathroom/kitchen exhaust fans and such. Just finding and getting to this page to post this comment is about a week worth of persistent searching and weeding through all the above crap.

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