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Skinningrove Quoits Clubs

This photograph is actually displayed at the Tom Leonard Mining Museum and the names have now been deciphered. There is one problem; it is possible that the middle and front rows have an additional person on each – note the alteration in the image, hopefully someone can advise? 

Back row: F. Smith, W. Flinton, G. A. Glover, G. W. Glover, F. Ward, F. Hall, W. Magor.

Middle row: J. R. Eggleston, G. A. Pinkney, J. Winspear, D. Tyler, J. Harker, G. Ward, F. Shaw, J. Wheatman, G. Webster.

Front row: W. Andrew, J. Saunby, T. Hall, R. Wheatman, T. Ward, J. Pasco, E. Simpson, G. Breckon, J. Richards.

Cups (left to right): Club Union Cup 1929-30, North of England League Champions 1929, Whitby Challenge Cup 1930. Colin Hart has assisted with: “From a photograph at Land of Iron; middle row far right G Webster, front row far right J Richards.

Image courtesy of Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum, thanks to Colin Hart for the missing names.

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