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Carlin How Club Hall – Pantomime Late 1950’s

Were you in this Carlin How Club pantomime hiding behind one of these elaborate costumes?  If not do you know anyone who was?

Back  row: ?? , ?? , ?? , Charlie Webster, Joyce Webster, ?? , Betty Orr, Margaret Lean, John (Jack) Harrison, ?? , Freda Harrison, ?? .

Front row ??,  Betty Johnson, Isla Robinson, ?? , ?? .

Derick Pearson told the Archive: “Isla whose family lived in Dixon Street later married Derek Hullah.” Graham Harrison advised: “The tall guy at the back (fourth from right) is John (Jack) Harrison. He was my father and died in 1984. Somewhere at home I have a copy of the photograph.”

Image courtesy of Carlin How Community Centre, thanks to Derick Pearson, Amanda Gardiner (nee Hullah), Graham Harrison and Christine Sorenson-Jones for additional information and names. 

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