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Bus Crash 1950′s

The Archive does have some information on this photograph kindly loaned by Kathleen Hicks: “The Skinningrove night shift were coming home when the accident happened and John McLaren crawled to Loftus, after having his leg brken in the accident, to get help.  John Bennett (Senior) drove the break down vehicle that hauled the bus from the beck.” Derick Pearson advised: “The bus had gone straight along the front of Kilton Mill (mill building) and over the bank into the stream.   Looks as though there is snow on the ground. The sign just above the men’s heads is what used to be the Advisory ‘Stop and get into first gear’ Sign before attempting the bank, for the United buses.” Craig W. tells us: ”The recovery truck is a World War II ex-army Canadian Ford or Chevrolet (CMP) that belonged to United buses, one of these could be seen in Loftus bus garage well into the 1970’s and this may be the one. Fascinated me as a kid because I was well into World War II vehicles. Possibly it’s still around as some were bought by classic vehicle collectors when sold off.” Pam McVay has added: ” My dad; Deryck Jones was a fitter at the united in the 50s and could well have been at the crash or even driving the recovery truck, My brother was a fitter there too and may know a bit more about the recovery truck.”

Image and information courtesy of Kathleen Hicks, also thanks to Derick Pearson, Craig W. and Pam McVay for the updates.

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  • This is on the original bridge road alignment. There was a tee junction (which is still there) in front of the mill cottage. The bus would have turned sharp right to leave the road into Skinningrove. If I remember correctly the road had a reverse camber in front of the cottage, and that, as well as the weather might well have contributed to the mishap.

  • Danny Plews

    This on the main road between Carlin How and Loftus, I used to walk to past Kilton Mill as I went to Skinningrove from Liverton Mines to visit my Aunt; Ada Kennedy.

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